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Today we’re bringing you one of the freshest products on the market recently founded by Joe Budzienski and Venkat Janapareddy: Gozaik.  Launched just a few weeks prior to this product review and still in beta, Gozaik is already making headway in over 13 countries as “The Twitter Resume” for job seekers.

But, it’s not just for job seekers.  Gozaik goes beyond their tagline, creating a community and market place for employers and job seekers to connect via the twitter platform.  With many companies struggling to wrap their heads around how to harness the power of twitter for recruitment, Gozaik is delivering a new solution right to everyone’s door step.

Gozaik allows job seekers the ability to search and apply for jobs through their platform and as they state, “create a digital, mosaic-style, multimedia resume.”  For employers, Gozaik provides the opportunity to launch job openings faster via social media, with the ability to specifically target those candidates they need in less time.

Their approach to building a community that piggybacks off of the twitter platform and linking the power of social media tools, video, and social resumes, creates an alternative approach to recruitment and the job search that’s been lacking as technology alters the way we communicate.

Because they’re still in beta, expect to see many changes, updates, and enhancements coming that may not or may not be mentioned in this review.


  • Social Resumes/Profiles, including incorporation of video, with unique URL to share your profile wherever you see fit (aka, your Gozaik)
  • GoMail, email experience within the platform to promote fast communication
  • Twitter Job Search, quick ability to search and apply directly to jobs (employers can opt in to have their postings included)
  • Employer Dashboards, still in beta
  • Job Seeker Dashboards, to help manage communications and job applications
  • Social Campus, product offering in the works to help facilitate virtual campus career fairs
  • Access to experts for job seeker advice and tips
  • Social Community and Marketplace to connect job seekers, employers, and those looking to network and aid others in building their careers
  • Promoted Job Tweets, displays job tweets to job seekers to drive more traffic to your Twitter job posts
  • Search Candidates (COMING SOON!), ability to identify active job seekers that meet your criteria.
  • Spot Trending Talent (COMING SOON!), individuals with the most activity trend within your dashboard, highlighting job seekers you may be interested in
  • Tweet Job Announcements (COMING SOON!), structured tweets to optimize candidate response
Sample profile/social resume in process of being setup on Gozaik

Sample profile/social resume in process of being setup on Gozaik

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If you’re wondering where the name Gozaik came from, part of it pulls from the idea of a mosaic.  The platform, like a mosaic is made up of all sorts of different tiles, each pieced together differently, with each being it’s on form of art within a larger framework making and even bigger artwork on display.

Every eye sees a mosaic differently and so too, in Gozaik every profile is seen differently with the ability for tailored customization. Design is very important to the Gozaik team and one of the ultimate goals for the tool from day one was to be beautiful and work cleanly.  The platform itself weighs very heavily on this factor with the design making it fun, functional, and easy to use.

But, within all this beauty and functionality, Gozaik has a few house rules for the marketplace they are building, the primary rule being that users can only talk about jobs and careers.  There is no selling of services, pitching or spamming users and those that violate the rule will be removed.

With that protection in place, the platform’s aim is to revolutionize the way the job industry works, creating a community just focused on jobs and careers and what’s important to growing careers, allowing direct networking between employers and job seekers.  It’s not about the networking and creating news feeds, it’s about creating a marketplace for interaction with the ultimate aim leading to employment.

Transparency is key to Gozaik’s strategy to build a cooperative marketplace where people give and receive in return, part of the foundation of how social media remains effective.  You get out of the experience what you put into it.

There are many similarities to LinkedIn in how they seem to view the marketplace and in building a revenue model.  It’s great to see a company working to find an effective way to utilize twitter for employment, however, only time will tell whether piggybacking off of another platform over versus building your own (like LinkedIn) will be effect or not, and for how long.  It’s always a gamble to build off of a product you can’t control, but in this case it could pay off since it’s a tool many employers have been struggling to master on their own.

The attraction of taming twitter as a recruitment tool suggests that it should do well, however the product will have to evolve as twitter evolves and/or integrate into other forms of social communications as technology continues to adapt the way we communicate, or alternatively use it as a stepping stone until the marketplace is robust enough to support itself and only utilizes twitter as one tool in it’s arsenal.

Sample of one of the simple, clean options Gozaik provides to customize the look of your social resume also known as your Gozaik.

Sample of some of the simple, clean options Gozaik provides to customize the look of your social resume also known as your Gozaik.

For job seekers, the ability to put together an easy, customizable social resume  that can include video is an asset as applicants look for new ways to stand out and be seen for more than just what is on a paper resume.  Gozaik does a very clean job of highlighting different ways job seekers can organize their information to make the most of what they choose to showcase.

There are a few features that would make it easier to get a profile up and running faster that are not yet seen in the beta, such as the ability to pull in your information such as experience, education, skills from a LinkedIn profile, or the ability to drag and drop the placement of skills without having to go to the editing screen and delete and retype them to change the order.

The platform does allow for connecting some of the more popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, providing additional outlets for people to locate and connect with job seekers.  While it’s just a few right now, we see opportunity for integrating other social sites that might showcase portfolios, coding work, and more to enhance a users profile.

Gozaik sample search resultsThese types of feature wishes are minor in the grand scheme and the product is still in beta so we’re sure there will be many enhancements to delight us and make things easier in the coming days.  The job search feature makes it quick to apply to jobs and helps take out much of the legwork of sorting through keywords and hashtags on the regular twitter platform.

For employers, many of the features are still pending, but the promises of cutting down time to hire, through direct response, quick updates, removal of unnecessary phone time, and the ability to see an improved, richer view of candidates quickly, are all very enticing.  And so far, the responses from those large employers in the beta testing have been positive from what we’ve heard.

The Social Campus offering is also of great interest to see how both job seekers and employers will adjust to news ways of interacting virtually, without on-site representation, and how they will utilize the platform to aid in enhancing the experience.

We’re crossing our fingers that Gozaik will get it right when it comes to harnessing the power of twitter for recruitment and the job search, but we’ll all know more in the next 90 days as they get out of beta and continue to add system enhancements as the product grows.


Goziak  users can expect 24/7 tech support to resolve any issues with the platform.  Always nice to know there’s support on hand no matter the hour you decide to work.  For regular non-tech issues, hopefully, communication during standard business hours is enough to satisfy that majority of clients and users.

Based on investment, Gozaik also plans to offer account managers for larger enterprise accounts to help manage their organization’s presence on the platform and achieve their recruitment and branding goals.

They also plan to incorporate brand managers who are knowledgeable in recruiting and social media who will be available to users, providing tips, advice and feedback.  They’re testing out this service that would provide direct feedback to applicant inquiries within 48 hours, providing job seekers with an enhanced experience in navigating the job application process and social media.

The site also provides a great FAQ section and walkthroughs to get users started, offering lots of suggestions and advice, without having to contact support for basic questions.  It also offers simple privacy setting features in case you’re not quite ready to start showcasing your awesome twitter resume.


If you’re a company excited to use the Gozaik platform, be patient.  They’ve already got a waiting list of organizations holding tight to jump on once they get out of beta.  They’re expecting to launch fully in the next 45-90 days.

While they have a number of revenue models they’re working on right now, you can expect a pricing model similar to how LinkedIn currently operates: standard, subscription based, tiered pricing/licensing built around packages of tools pending how an individual or organization plans to utilize the platform.  Think recruiter licenses versus enterprise accounts, the ability to buy more GoMails to contact candidates or companies, additional costs for tools like their Social Campus offering and more.

Expect to also pay for tools and services like ATS integration, social media analytics, and more.  While simplistic to start, you can anticipate a feature-rich platform to develop over time with much to offer.

For job seekers, setting up is simple and Gozaik offers a fun tour to walk you through using the platform. There is no current cost to join and build your profile, and there will be a plethora of opportunities to earn credits/status within the platform similar to that of other social media tools like FourSquare or Klout by doing things like posting reviews or progressing through their careers.

There will also be services provided to job seekers to aid them in optimizing profiles, job applications, advice, and tips.  It’s unclear as of right now whether the cost of these services will be covered by jobseekers, employers, or a combination, but the benefits of having experts available to hand hold the process are definitely a bonus either way, as long as it remains cost-effective for both sides.

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