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In a world of information overload, GreenJobInterview, one of the pioneer providers of video interviewing tools, is working hard every day to manage two things: to keep their product simple and easy to use and to offer top level support to their clients and users.

GreenJobInterview has been offering their live video interviewing tool since 2007 when they launched, but has now expanded to add another product offering GreenJob One-Way, a recorded, one-way video interviewing solution, which is scheduled to be out of beta in early April.

Where other video interviewing providers started out offering the one-way video interviewing solution and have added a live feature, GreenJobInterview has operated in reverse, originally working to perfect the live video interview as an offering to cut travel costs associated with the job interview and adding the one-way to their services to meet consumer demand for the product now that video interviewing has become main stream.


  • GreenJob Live: A live video interviewing solution that can support up to 16 participants in one session
  • GreenJob One-Way: (In Beta) An on-demand, candidate video interview solution that allows for multiple video interview answers to be recorded, scored, and shared among hiring managers
  • Tech Check Support: A unique concierge-level of support to interview candidates that preps them to put their best foot forward on camera prior to their live video interview. (GreenJob Live Feature)
  • Employment Branding: Clients can customize or private label their virtual interview website with company logo, color scheme, and messaging.
  • Webcam shipping: For candidates you’d like to interview that do not have a webcam; GreenJobInterview will ship a webcam to them for the interview for an additional fee. (GreenJob Live Feature)
  • Review & Rate: Ability to share, review, and rate pre-recorded interviews within the tool with other team members (Green Job One-Way Feature)Reviewer process
  • Reduction of Environmental Impact: Hence the name, GreenJobInterview allows you to reduce your impact on the environment by reducing the impact of air or ground transportation associated with face-to-face interviews, all while simultaneously reducing your bottom line.

[tab:User Experience]

The first thing to note about using the GreenJobInterview platform is that they have cut out all of the bells and whistles with the focus being on providing a best in service product for what they’re known for: video interviewing.

This means you won’t find a lot of extras built in to the tools nor does it try to be a CRM, application portal, social networking tool, or any other feature that exists externally from the video interview.  If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles, are attracted by shiny things, or want a tool that does it all, GreenJobInterview may not be for you.

What GreenJobInterview does do is offer a clean, streamlined, simple to use product backed by excellent customer service.  Once you log-in, you’re brought to a very simple dashboard.  As you walk through each tool to set up an interview, every click and next step is very intuitive through the process.

There’s not a lot of buttons or links to distract or confuse you, and there’s a clean progress bar on the right that lets you know what steps you’ve completed and what’s still left to do.  The tool also allows you to input information such as requisition codes and billing information for easy tracking within departments.

On the Live side, you can setup an event for up to 16 participants and many clients have gone beyond using the tool for one-on-one or panel interviewing and utilize it for small webinars, group interviews, or internal meetings.  One down-side to the Live tool is that there is not the option (at this time) to record the session.  GreenJobInterview has made a choice not to offer this option at this time to help protect customers from compliance issues.

Recruiter ExperienceFor the One-Way interviews, their new offering, you can invite participants to respond to selected interview questions by means of recorded video that can be reviewed at a later time.

Invitations can be sent directly to candidates or you can provide a link within job postings or other pages.  A greeting for candidates can be created via a video or text introduction, and you have the ability to upload a custom made video, record a video in real-time, or access past videos.  You can even add multiple videos in case you might have one on company culture and may have another that can be an actual introduction to the job.

Interview Question Bank Sample

The One-Way tool also has an easily accessible question bank that can be utilized or it can also be pre-loaded with questions for individual clients.  Almost each part of the process can be customized on a per client or per interview level.

Inviting candidates to participate is as easy as inputting or importing their contact details; if you have an ATS integration, it may be even simpler.

Candidate ExperienceFor candidates, it’s easy to join their Live meeting straight from clicking a link from the email invitation for live interviews.  For the One-Way you can have them fill out a few pre-qualifying interview questions, confirm their personal information, and upload a resume if you’d like.  The candidate experience is easy, simple, and intuitive, just like the rest of their product.

For the One-Way interviews, the tool allows for easy invitations to share and review the pre-recorded interviews as well as rate the candidates based on your preferences (by question, overall score, options to over-ride ratings, etc.)

Overall, the tool lived up to expectations.  It doesn’t try to be what it’s not.  As we stated before, it won’t be for everyone, in it’s simplicity, but for those who value great service and are looking for a robust product that’s straight forward and easy to use, it could be the perfect solution to integrate video into your interviewing process.


GreenJobInterview is all about customer service; it’s a part of the culture they build internally and promote externally to their clients.  They offer 24/7 phone support to clients and users and make sure their number is easy to locate at all times by plastering it in large print on their website and in out-going email communications.  It’s the small details like this that are appreciated if you’ve ever gone searching for a support number to no avail.

The company prides itself in going the extra mile to serve its clients and the products.  Part of their efforts in keeping the tools simple go back to making sure every aspect of the product is easy to understand and use.  They also continually work to update the platform on an as-needed basis.

Their video solutions are cloud-based which also means there are no software downloads required and everything should be intuitive and accessible from a few clicks for both clients and candidates.  The goal is to make their products easy to use and integrate while offering white glove service on top of robust technology.

phone optionsThe products can run across any browser or mobile platform (including tablets.) And, while they do have VOIP available for clients that want it, they’ve chosen to run the audio portion of the video interviews over the phone to increase the clarity and quality while also reducing the demand on bandwidth to help the video portion to run smoothly.  You can definitely tell the difference in increased video quality as compared to some other providers or using a service such as Skype, however, the downside is having access to a phone while doing the Live video or using a VOIP phone service over your computer simultaneously.

GreenJobInterview can also integrate with any ATS, complementing your current application and interview process, and provide dedicated account support for customers.  They also provide monthly cost savings reports based on data collected for each interview.  And, for companies going global with their recruitment they will also adapt their technology for international markets.

Last but not least, for those of you who like to keep your schedules up-to-date, the scheduling features will integrate easily to add events to your calendaring tools like Outlook.


Each of GreenJobInterviews products is priced separately.

For GreenJob Live, pricing starts around $129/per event and you only pay for what you use. However, bulk discounting is available for pre-paid interview blocks if your company can anticipate its interview needs.  Remember, too, that among its many other features, GreenJob Live also offers concierge-level support to prep candidates for their interviews helping to eliminate distractions and get everyone comfortable with conducting interviews in this medium.

GreenJob One-Way operates on a subscription basis with four different subscription levels.  An entry level subscription will start you off around $500/month or $6,000/year.  The reduction in pricing from the Live to the One-Way is in part because there is not the human component of the tech check and other features for the on-demand interviews.

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