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HiringThing is a scalable recruiting tool that offers companies the ability to effectively take control of managing their job openings and applicant pool through system automation, easy access to popular job boards, dynamic administrative tools to screen, track, sort, share, and rate candidates, as well as options to customize job postings and career landing pages.

The cloud-based software aids in organizing the recruitment process through an effective, easy to use platform saving users time and energy with the ultimate goal of better hiring success.

Born out of a digital marketing agency, HiringThing has built a loyal subscriber base since its inception in 2011/2012 (retaining all of their beta clients) as well as a strong advisory team to help manage its growth.


  • Seamless job posting to major job boards and social networks
  • Applicant ranking and sorting features
  • Customized job postings and career pages
  • Ability to forward resumes/applicants to managers and hiring personnel
  • Automated email generation to applicants
  • Integrated screening questions
  • Filterable Applicant Analytics
  • Automatic Resume Parsing
  • Secure hosting and data storage

[tab:User Experience]

HiringThing makes it easy for any small to medium sized company to start utilizing their software in a matter of minutes.  From their homepage, you can watch a 90-second product overview, request a demo, or even start a 30-day trial (no credit card required—just basic details such as first and last name, email address, phone number, and password.)  It’s always nice to have a try before you buy feature.

The interface is appealing in its simplicity with a bit of built in charm from their friendly robot that seems to guide you through using the system.  Every button and link is clearly identifiable and it’s fairly intuitive to navigate through the tool on your own.

Registration is a snap and you can even assign a custom link to your landing page during setup.  After you take a moment to register, you can get started using the system by posting your first job, which it readily prompts you to do.

HiringThing Additional Features

However, don’t miss some of the other great features on the initial dashboard page (don’t worry, you can always return to it); if you scroll down, you will see options to add unlimited users to your account, customize the look and feel of the user experience, integrate HiringThing with your company website via an embedded widget, and options to stay compliant via surveys, disclosure statements, and more.

When launching job postings, the system makes it possible to post jobs to a number of popular networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TalentZoo, Trovit, Glassdoor, Indeed and Stack Overflow. You have the option to utilize free organic listings or pay to promote each job posting via their supported networks and special pricing providing flexibility and ease to the process.

The tool also allows for additional screening questions enabling users to streamline the application process as well as handy features such as being able to follow selected applicants activities and daily summary email alerts.

As you start accumulating applicants to your each job posting, aside from common features such as being able to search applicants from the dashboard and sorting and ranking applicants, the tool also provides special alerts such as showing how many times an applicant has applied to a particular job or to the company.

HiringThing AnalyticsYou also have the ability to flag applicants to create talent pools for future use or move them from one job posting to another.  The system is a great alternative for smaller companies not looking to invest in a robust ATS to manage, track, sort, screen, and communicate with job applicants.  It also provides easy applicant analytics to better understand the data behind your job postings and candidate pool.

Because of the automation provided in the tool, the candidate experience can be improved through quick email communication such as deploying turn-down letters or setting up future interviews.  The tool also allows for easy forwarding of applicants for review and consideration to other hiring managers.

If you’re a small company that doesn’t have a career page, HiringThing’s platform allows you to create one of your own that can be easily embedded onto your own company website in a number of ways.

Overall, the platform is simple to use requiring minimal effort to manipulate the tools offered in the no-fuss system.  The quality of the experience overrides most desires for additional functionality and the team promises continual product and experiential improvements to come on an on-going basis.


The focus of HiringThing is to offer a simple process for its users that’s intuitive and not overwhelming.  However, if there is a feature you don’t see within the HiringThing system that you’d like, feedback is a cinch via a bold link at the bottom of the tool and the company is steadily working to incorporate new features and elements into the tool.  The company will work to deploy any new feature that is easily integrated within the current platform and universally adaptable across customers.

They also offer API access for clients and developers if it is required for further customization or integration of the system and will work with clients on necessary integrations.

The company aims to stay on top of the latest trends and themes in the industry to build out a roadmap for continued success while always putting their focus on building a tool that is straightforward and dynamic.

HiringThing Intro

Email and phone support are available from 8am-9pm EST, Monday thru Friday with contact information located at the top of their website.  They aim to respond within an hour to requests.  A healthy FAQ section is also available to answer common questions as well as handy user guides and tips are provided upon signing up to use HiringThing.

Should you decide to stop using the platform or need to transfer candidate data to other systems, the tool allows for easy exportation of applicant data into a downloadable CSV file.  You own your own data, and once a subscription is terminated, the applicant files and the account are all deleted.


We’ve seen many of the same offerings of HiringThing in more robust applicant management and interview tools, however, not at the same value point which is what makes the technology stand out.   They offer one of the lowest price points for the offered feature sets currently on the market which fits in with their goal to offer a simple, automated solution that any company can afford to manage the backend of their recruitment process.

HiringThing operates on a subscription basis in 4 main tiers:

HiringThing Pricing model

They also have annual plans available to receive additional discounts on pricing.  Some might think $40 a month beginning plan can be a stretch for some small startups, however, if you break it down, that’s $10/a week to help you manage an otherwise unruly process for people new to recruiting or just beginning to grow a company.

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