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JobScript  ™ is an assessment tool built by BetterWeekDays, a Chicago startup aimed at providing top-tier talent access to curated career opportunities based on culture fit.

The assessment can be utilized by employer looking to hire, universities offering assistance with career services or placement, or the motivated job seeker or career professional to learn key insights that can be leveraged ensure a better fit on job opportunities and enable targeted professional development.  And, don’t worry if you didn’t go to a top tier school, the assessment is still available for all to access and take.

The makers of JobScript ™ claim that the assessment “Will provide increased self-awareness in an unbiased way, enabling better decisions within your worklife.”  The assessment report captures learnings in 3 targeted areas: you Motivations, Abilities, and Personality (MAP).  The overarching goal is to help ensure a person’s career is aligned with to the things that matter most while reducing the noise in the job search process.


  • MAP (Motivation, Ability, Personality) Assessment: a unique assessment that claims to provide increased self-awareness in an unbiased way that aims to enable better decision making within your worklife.
  • JobScript ™ Report: An easy to understand comprehensive explanation of insights based on your motivations, ability, and personality, covering strengths and caution areas in many facets of your current and future worklife, along with providing suggestions and helpful guidance as to how to utilize the information provided.
  • Action Plan: A simple, standard action plan is provided along with each JobScript ™ Report to provide a more structured way to reflect on the results walking you through a step by step question and answer process to apply action around each insight you’ve gained.
  • (For students or alumni from top tier schools only) Access to targeted job matching.  Once you’ve completed the JobScript ™ assessment, you have access to the targeted job matching housed inside of the BetterWeekDays Platform.
  • (For Employers/Universities) Access to more thorough reports and analysis based on select criteria and needs.

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We’re focusing specifically on the experience of taking the assessment itself rather than the outside factors of working with BetterWeekDays as a University or Employer.

BetterWeekDays quotes that it will take you approximately 45 minutes to take their assessment.  You can stop and start as often as you’d like, but it will only save your results for each completed section.  We finished ours at around 35 minutes give or take.

However, we did choose to skip answering the 5-year career goal question–the only question in the assessment that asks for a written answer.  We may have been there a while since we were contemplating what we’d like our response to be, and appreciated the option to skip it, at this time.

The assessment first connects to your LinkedIn profile to get started before you even get to the payment section.  This is in part to pull in background information to calculate how much you might pay for the assessment.  (It doesn’t go above the quoted $19.99 rate, but you could be entitled to a discount if you’re from a certain school or employer working with BetterWeekDays or in their target audience.)

We wondered if certain fields like city preference and salary should be made option since not everyone taking this assessment may be looking for a job, but it was still a good exercise to consider these items.

The user interface was clean and easy to navigate aside from constantly having to scroll up and down within each frame to access additional questions.  And, with the NEXT button residing at the top of the frame, it always made us a little scared we might miss a few questions at the bottom if we forgot to scroll down.

The assessment itself was extremely easy to take.  Aside from the aforementioned 5-year career goal question, all other questions were point and click selections, ratings, and multiple choice which provided an easy experience that flowed very quickly.  The most difficult part was making sure to read the instructions clearly on the ratings sections which were all very clear and similar to other standard survey instructions.

Once you’re finished you receive almost instant gratification as your report generates and downloads.  Having taken many job and skills assessments, strength finder tests, and personality surveys over the years we were curious to see the results.

The beginning of the report provides an easy to understand overview explaining what you’re discovering in the results and how you should interpret them.  As we dived in, we were surprised (and maybe a little relieved) that the overarching results for our Motivations, Abilities, and Personality were fairly spot on from what we had thought with a few interesting sidebars to consider here and there.

When it came to characteristics it definitely highlighted some strengths and caution areas that we were aware of and was spot on, but we wondered if some of the wording may come off a bit strong and if it could turn off a potential employer.  For example, one caution area for us was that we “Could be highly judgmental.”

But in the explanation, coulds seemed to change to woulds, telling us we will judge people—which may not be the case, especially for someone well aware of this caution area who has worked to be accepting and understanding of others opinions.  We’re of course knit-picking at the wording, but everyone reads their own context into words.

As for the metaphors and seeker sections, we were surprised that it geared much more towards our technical and analytical sides than most assessments in the past.  This was an interesting finding, and that’s what assessments are for, right?—to discover things about ourselves.  We weren’t surprised that it found this because that side definitely exists; just that it pulled it out more strongly.  (To provide background, our editor started out as a computer science and electrical engineering major in college before switching to the arts: design and performance.)

It makes you wonder how much mood on any given day can sway the results and if it were possible to re-take the assessment over time and evaluate the averages.

And again, for the remaining sections: the Leader, the Team Member, and the Learner, JobScript ™ was right on top of highlighting very on point information but also providing further insight to help think about each area and what a person can do to improve upon what exists.

We can definitely see the merit in how this type of assessment can help a job seeker re-direct their career path and take a deeper look at not only what they want but how they work and interact with others.

The same goes for employers who are hiring, and universities looking to help steer the career progression of their students, but we would caution not to read too much into the caution areas as negatives, but only try to recognize if they are in fact problem areas at all for the candidates or if they’ve overcome them.

It can provide a clear guide on assessing talent from a very holistic perspective to see if they are a fit for your organization.  And, can also be utilized as a tool to assess current talent within teams to see commonalities and differences for coaching and to assess what characteristics should be sought after in bringing on new employees.

We also appreciated the provided action plan that followed the JobScript ™ report which gave some great next steps. However, rather than a pdf we’d have to print or require software to adapt, it would have been nice if there was a way to respond to the action plan online to store it in our profile along with our report.  (We don’t know about you, but we like to save trees when we can, plus we lose paper, and having it all in one place where you can track it would be beneficial.)

We’ve provided the report (link below) received by our editor upon taking the JobScript assessment for your perusal.  For those of you familiar with her, you can do your own assessment of how accurate it is.  The CEO of BetterWeekDays, Chris Motley also provides his report and a sample action plan on their website.



As for service and support, this startup, like so many out there, is hustling to gain your trust and business.  The team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and is ready and willing to work with companies and universities.

They have a separate provider they work with on refining their algorithm and maintaining the assessment and have their own team of developers on hand to make sure operations run smoothly, along with a healthy advisory board.

When it comes to taking the assessment online, the only thing we really found was their contact form on their webpage, and no fancy chat boxes or phone numbers to call with technical questions or problems.  But, we also didn’t run into any issues and everything was fairly straight forward so we didn’t require either.


JobScript ™ for the average user (job seeker or career professional) logging in online to take the assessment currently runs $19.99 a report.  If you come from one of the top tier schools they’re targeting, your price may show reduced at time of payment.  Our assessment came out to $4.99, which we can assume because the taker went to Northwestern for their graduate work.

Either way, for $20, it’s a small price to pay to garner valuable insights if you’re the type of person interested in self-education, reflection, and self-improvement.

For universities and employers, BetterWeekDays will work to put together pricing packages based on your needs.

If you’ve priced out various employment assessments recently, this one is definitely on the more inexpensive end of the spectrum.   It also helps provide insights into critical areas like culture fit and long-term career progression beyond what a typical skills assessment provides.

It’s definitely a different view than many of the current assessments on the market, but if you’re a believer in hire for attitude, train for skills, it could be the tool you’re looking for to assess a better fit of candidate or for the career professional, to hone your skills and personal needs towards the right kind of organization and role.

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