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At its base, TalentCircles is a social recruiting platform that offers itself as a powerful complement to ATS platforms that grow outdated over time with stagnant data.  However, it’s capabilities go far beyond, incorporating the latest video interviewing capabilities, bi-directional engagement between candidates and organizations, assessment tools, virtual fairs, group interviewing, event scheduling and sharing, and much more.

TalentCircles offers organizations the opportunity to own their talent networks and take charge of them by creating an experience that can be tailored from the whole network down to each individual talent circle (see more about Circles in the features section.)  It also encourages relationship building among the talent community which speaks to the heart of what recruitment is about and adds a new level of engagement and interaction, limited only be the imagination of organization in how they choose to utilize the platform.


TalentCircles is extremely feature-rich so we’re highlighting just some of the main attributes.

  • Bi-Directional Engagement: Because of the way TalentCircles engages candidates it promotes live, refreshing data—a great alternative to an ATS that holds outdated stagnant information
  • Video screening and interviewing
  • Pre-recorded screening and interviewing questionnaires
  • Live screening/interviewing/virtual fairs/webinars: Aside from typical video interviewing, TalentCircles enables employers and recruiters to take the concept further to engage candidates not only one-on-one but via webinars, group interviewing, and virtual fairs.  One side benefit of group interviewing for organizations is it helps to avoid gender stereotyping and discrimination issues in the hiring process.
  • Questionnaires module: The questionnaires module and templates allow employers to screen large numbers of candidates for skill-set and culture-fit, as well as build strategic talent pools of pre-qualified candidates.
  • Search Capabilities: The TalentCircles platform has a great search function when enables easy navigation as well as the ability to share information, jobs, interviews, and more among the network.
  • Candidate Profiles: Since candidates and recruiters are both members of the TalentCircles network, candidates can update or modify their profiles at any time, again aiding in keeping data fresh.
  • Scheduling/Calendaring Tools
  • Circles: If you’re familiar with how Google+ works, “ Circles” will make sense to you.  When candidates join the TalentCircles community, they have the ability to join open circles relevant to their interests or they can be invited to join specific circles.  These talent groups can be used to target meetings, document-sharing, jobs, announcements, blog articles, and questionnaires.
  • TalentCatch: iPad app that allows for easy Campus Recruitment efforts and integration with the TalentCircles platform

[tab:User Experience]

When we talk about TalentCircles the word engagement is constantly coming up.  Engagement is at the core of recruitment and this platform really embodies it.  The tools within the platform are not one-sided; it provides a great user experience for the candidate as well.

As we mentioned before, the platform is extremely feature rich and it could take pages and pages to cover the entire user experience step by step, so we’ll hit some highlights.

The entire platform is clean and easy to navigate from uploading files, attaching items, sharing information, moving between sections, scheduling, or general communication.

TalentCircles QuestionnaireWhen building jobs and creating questionnaires, recruiters have the ability to integrate different question types (multiple choice, essay, recorded video/voice, etc.)  into the questionnaires enabling more customization based on the position and screening goals.

The system has the ability to score questions automatically or they can be manually reviewed and rated by reviewers.  TalentCircles can also generate reports by candidate score, reviewer activity, and question, providing an analytical view of candidate performance.  And future updates promise for more capturing of metrics and data to be built into the platform.

When it comes to getting your jobs social, questionnaires can be made public via social networks, job boards, and web pages, or they can be made invitation only—all depending on your unique needs.

TalentCircles also allows candidate to connect their LinkedIn profiles for easy transfer of their employment information to save time on filling out forms.

TalentCircles CalendarScheduling appointments and events is fairly seamless with their integration of iCal attachments, enabling appointments to be added to Google, Outlook, or Apple calendars. There is also a great internal calendar for both recruiters and candidates to see their schedules while interacting with the platform.

The bi-directional engagement between recruiters and candidates also offers a better candidate experience, however, this is really determinant upon the organization’s own engagement within the platform and recruitment strategy—meaning the system is only as good and as engaging as the effort put into utilizing it.

The platform does offer some unique features like group interviewing with up to 15 participants, webinar features and the ability to host events such as virtual job fairs, in addition to it’s scheduled and live video interviewing functionality.  This expands the range of engagement if recruiters are open to utilizing these capabilities for added engagement or getting more creative with the recruitment cycle.

On a side note, when utilizing the video interviewing functionality  we really appreciated the ease at which candidate documents or shared files were view-able while interacting with participants.

TalentCircles SharingThe search functionality that allows for everything on the platform to be searchable makes navigation even easier and user friendly.  And, being able to see when users are online to engage with them as well as features like being able to invite internal and external users or share information, within any step, adds to the ease of use.

The circles feature is really where the platform stands out on both sides, allowing for customized communication and creativity within the recruitment cycle.  Brands can not only attract talent but build and engage with their communities to build pipelines of candidates and brand advocates to share their job openings and information.

And candidates also have the ability to add themselves to open groups based on their individual interests.  Candidates can also be directly invited to openings and your current data can be pulled into the system to encourage past candidates to update their information and build profiles.

Our biggest concern is how engaged candidates are once they join TalentCircles.  It’s very easy for them to build profiles and track communications, etc.  But, in order for bi-directional engagement to exist, candidates need to be active.  Because it’s specifically a recruitment related platform, they’re less likely to be logged in as they would be on other popular social platforms.

This calls into question how, other than email notifications and job postings, they’re being pulled into the platform and engaging with it.  It really becomes the role of the recruiter to figure out how to keep candidates coming back through events and sharing of information, and we wonder if future updates to the platform will help enhance this experience to draw candidates to utilize it readily and regularly.


TalentCircles operates on a Saas (Software as a Service) model and is hosted using Amazon’s proven and stable cloud technology.  Meaning your talent network should always be up and running when you are.

The team at TalentCircles is also dedicated to constantly improving their experience for customers and candidates, paying attentions to the requests and needs of the industry and individuals and making an effort to update and develop the platform with as many practical feature requests or add-ins as they can.

They’ve also written the complete API for everything, so there is no half code or anything that’s not proprietary to TalentCircles enabling complete control of their ability to customize the platform.  They see the vision of their social platform in the need to adapt as technology and social interaction shifts with time.

If you’re worried about compliance issues, all data, candidate interactions, and video interviews are captured and stored in compliance with OFCCP standards, should there ever be a case for an audit.

The platform also includes a development kit so organizations can add anything they want to their pages/platform as far as marketing and branding goes.

Management is very hands-on with the product, and follow-up for contact requests via the website is extremely prompt for anyone requesting information or experiencing issues.

We’ve been impressed on this end of their dedication to making sure they exceed expectations.


TalentCircles uses a subscription based service, averaging around $5,000 for one recruiter per subscription.  Packages for multiple recruiters become cheaper, of course, and we feel the pricing is very competitive within the industry.  Also, it should be noted that these subscriptions do not place a cap on usage, allowing for unlimited interviews.

Combine everything the platform offers: the ability to build and maintain talent networks plus the functionality of a video recruitment platform along with the social engagement, and you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck if you’re looking for a tool that is on working to stay on top of current recruitment trends and values engagement.

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