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With many video interviewing platforms on the market today, Wowzer is a company that stands out by trying to stay true to its name and give users something to say ‘wow’ about during their experience with the platform.

Wowzer comes to the market with two main offerings: Wowzer Live video interviews and recorded video interviews.  The tool centers on humanizing the interview process through technology while offering an alternative to traditional phone screens or first round interviews, saving both sides time and resources, while bringing a fresh approach to the video interview experience, on the web and via mobile technologies.

Where many companies focus heavily on the employer side of the equation, Wowzer’s video interviewing platform concentrates on providing a quality 2-way interaction between employers and candidates with a strong spotlight on employer branding to provide an enhanced experience for both sides while infusing a more personal approach to the process.

A scalable video interviewing tool, alongside their ability to service clients globally, and easy integration into existing tools makes the Wowzer platform an attractive option to replace traditional phone screening and eliminating time consuming scheduling with an updated channel to engage and inform candidates and employers earlier in the process.

wowzer in the hiring process


  • Wowzer Live video interviews
  • Recorded video interviews with video questions
  • Candidate response via web or mobile
  • Practice interview option for candidates
  • Full end-to-end employer branding on both web and mobile
  • Resource library for easy interview creation
  • Hiring teams can review and rate on web or mobile
  • ATS integration
  • Public API for custom integrations
  • Wowzer Insights interview analytics
  • Dedicated customer success manager provides onboarding and personalized consulting
  • 24-hour chat and email support
Example of the recruiter review experience on a mobile device.

Example of the Wowzer recruiter review experience on a mobile device.

Example of the Wowzer recruiter review web experience.

Example of the Wowzer recruiter review web experience.


[tab:User Experience]

Wowzer touts an extremely clean and friendly user interface.  With the focus completely on the interviewing tools themselves, users are not distracted by a myriad of other built in offerings to pull away from Wowzer’s focus of creating an opportunity to build a strong connection between employers and candidates.

wowzer recruiter interview creation

Example of the Wowzer video interview creation process captured in the convenience of one screen.

The Wowzer platform has streamlined the step-by-step process of creating a video interview, complete with an easy to read completion ruler and drag and drop interface, all from the convenience of one screen.  There’s no getting lost in the process and you can always see where you’re at and what’s next to do.

Create your own introduction videos for pre-recorded interviews to introduce candidates to the company or feel free to pull one that’s ready to go from your library.  Every time you create a new video it’s added to your resource library for future use.  Drop-in or record your video interview questions to continue to add to the human element of the event.  And don’t worry; you can also have the question in text appear below your video for candidates who need the visual aid.

As you build the pre-recorded interview experience, you can also set allotted time for candidates to ponder each question before delivering their responses as well as how much time they have to respond among many other customization options.

Clear-cut evaluation tools that can be customized as well as a simple recommend tool consisting of thumbs up or thumbs down compliment the uncluttered interface and uncomplicates the candidate assessment process. And, you can of course, invite multiple persons to view/rate candidate responses.

When it comes to the candidate experience, Wowzer makes a great effort to engage applicants with an enhanced fully branded employer experience both via the web and mobile—especially on the pre-recorded side.  The attention to detail to capture the brand’s essence through such simple media creates a sensory appeal for applicants as they go through what is usually a simple technical process to complete a video interview.

We’ve provided several examples below of how Wowzer experience can transform to represent each employer’s brand:

wowzer candidate welcome


wowzer candidate welcome

wowzer candidate welcome

wowzer candidate mobile welcomeTo-date, Wowzer is the only video interview platform to extend a completely branded experience throughout the video interview process to the mobile version of the tool via the Wowzer Candidate mobile app.  So whether in front of a desktop, laptop, on a cell phone or tablet, candidates will have an equally rich user experience across devices.

The tool also provides a channel to capture candidate feedback on the experience post interview to continue to improve the process.  And, straightforward interview stats let you know where selected candidates are in the process and what’s been completed.

You can expect the same ease of use transferred to connecting via their live video interview offering.  In addition, soon they will add the ability to conduct panel interviews from the tool.

Overall, the tool does an exemplary job of infusing the employer brand and empowering candidates with the chance to get to know the culture and build a relationship with hiring organizations—that is of course if the companies mirror the external experience internally.

The product is focused on what the video experience brings to the brand, so if you’re looking for a do-it-all tool with everything from sourcing to onboarding packed into one platform might not be the right fit.  But, if you’re looking for an elegant tool that can seamlessly integrate into your existing recruitment process, it’s definitely a contender to explore.


With an international framework built in since day one, the Wowzer platform currently supports 6 different languages with the ability to roll in new languages within a 6-8 week timeframe.  This means the tool can scale internationally for global clients at a fairly quick clip.

They offer 24-hour chat and email support to satiate your need for aid whether you’re on the east coast, west coast, or across the globe.  Customer Success Managers partner with each client to figure out where Wowzer fits into their recruitment equation to aid employer in reaching their goals with the tool.

The goal of Wowzer’s product team is to create the most flexible, simple, and elegant solution on the market and they work to release updates, improvements, and adaptations to the platform on a weekly basis and larger feature updates about once a month, with the expectation that they want to adapt quickly to understand what clients need and shift accordingly.  (Expect to see one of the newest releases to include the ability to conduct panel interviews.)

Additionally, Wowzer has established partnership integrations with platforms like Taleo.  They have also recently launched their API which allows for further customization and integration of the tool into the recruitment process for enterprise solution customers.


Wowzer’s solution focuses primarily on enterprise accounts: think medium to large companies of a thousand employees and up.  Wowzer has standard tiered subscription pricing (based on number of users/company size) similar to per-user licenses in other tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter.  The subscriptions allow recruiters to conduct unlimited interviews and does not charge extra for hiring manager seats providing flexibility in using the tool to screen candidates.

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