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Our Product Reviews

Interviewing.com Product Review Disclaimer

The purpose of our reviews is to offer our reading audience an objective opinion of interviewing related products and services, so they can make informed buying and usage decisions, as well as to introduce our audience to potential products they may not be aware of in the market to enhance the recruitment cycle or job seeker experience.

We believe that while the HR marketplace is a very competitive field, it is also a vast marketplace and there are products and services out there to help every consumer no matter how large or small their team or at what point a job seeker is at in their career.

As such, while a product may receive a strong review on our site, it may not always be the best fit your needs. We do our best to outline as much information as possible as a starting point for your research.  If there are additional research points you would like us to cover regarding a product, please contact us and we will consider adding it to the review process.

Additionally, we do our best to maintain the same criteria for all reviews, but reserve the right to adjust the criteria from time to time to better serve the review process and reflect more applicable information on the product.

The breadth of our reviews extends to all products and services related to recruitment, the job search, and/or interviewing.  This includes but is not limited to products and services in the following categories: ATS, Social Networking Platforms, Reference Checking, Background Screening, Video Interviewing, Automated Interviewing, Assessments, Interviewing Tools, Resume Tools, Training & Coaching Tools, and more.

We review each product individually and evaluate it for its merits in the scope of the current marketplace.  As such, we do not compare products or services to earlier reviews of similar products or services on the site.  Additionally, occasional updates may occur if sufficient time has passed or there has been a significant product update we have been alerted of.  Any updates or revisions are up to the discretion of the Interviewing.com staff and not the company who’s product was reviewed.

Please note the following:

  • Interviewing.com makes every effort to review products from not only the buyer’s perspective, but in such cases where applicable the experience of general users, job seekers, applicants, and others.
  • Interviewing.com does not receive any form of money for our reviews.  The only compensation is the use of the product/service during the review period.  As such, we will always deliver an honest and unbiased opinion of the products and services reviewed on our site.
  • Interviewing.com reviews are made available for informational purposes only.  There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the content on this site or to linked sites.
  • Interviewing.com makes every effort to obtain the permission of the participating companies to conduct each review, and works with them to receive a thorough demo and/or trial of the product or service, the same as a potential buyer would, in order to make an accurate evaluation of the product/service.
  • User Ratings included in our product reviews are monitored for abuse and do not reflect the opinions or views of Interviewing.com.

If you have any questions concerning our product reviews, or have a product or service you would like us to review, please email [email protected] or contact us here.