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Would you cut Peyton Manning because he can’t block on the line?  Mario Williams because he can’t kick a sixty-yard field goal?  Brian Urlacher because he can’t throw a perfect spiral?

The recruitment process for each of these football positions requires a unique skill evaluation.  Having a standardized process of scheduling a phone interview and two in-person interviews can reduce the quality of hire.  Recruiting for the exact same position every time is not a problem, it’s when you have multiple types of positions you are recruiting for and your process is the exact same.

Disqualifying people solely on their resume screen means you may miss a star player.  On paper, Drew Brees being 6 feet flat isn’t what an NFL team is looking for in a starting quarterback. On paper JaMarcus Russell was perfect.

Give candidates the opportunity to express their interests in their preferred medium.  For instance, give your social media manager applicants a written interview asking them to write a blog entry.  You’ll save time and attract candidates with sparky thoughts!  For a sales position, you might have applicants submit an automated voice or video interview.  You’d get to hear and see how the candidate would represent your company.  And, afterwards you can talk to the replay officials upstairs.

Companies like Rio Tinto, Starwood Hotels, Wal-Mart, and Farmers Insurance have elevated their brands by switching to virtual interviewing for reasons such as A) top talent is only on the market for 7-10 days and B) talent acquisition costs are rising.  Virtual interviewing offers an opportunity to engage the candidate in a memorable way without the overhead costs associated with the job interview.

You think of your company as innovative as a Victor Cruz’s touchdown celebrations. Now you have a way to draw candidates ready to wear your jersey.

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