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In the HR world, time is not only money, but it is precious and limited. Especially in high volume industries where there may be significant turnover, or growth, or other changes that require the addition of large numbers of recruits in a relatively short period of time, the recruiting process can be a gargantuan undertaking. But there is a solution to ease some of the burden.


Digital interviews can help recruiters sort through massive applicant pools to identify potential interviewees and thereby focus their time and energy on the more appropriate or appealing candidates for a position.  How, you ask? The answer is simple. Digital interviews empower the recruiter to selectively evaluate and dismiss candidates based on a one-way interviewing platform at whatever point the recruiter has heard enough. And this whole process takes place according to the recruiter’s schedule.


Traditional interview processes begin with a job posting, followed by a large influx of resumes/applications from candidates, some of whom may have the required qualifications, some of whom may not. Then the recruiter, having created his/her piles of “no thank you” and “maybe” candidates has to reach out to all those potential maybes, during business hours generally, and take the time to talk to them on the phone to determine which/how many of them to invite into the office for an interview. The recruiter then has to spend a considerable amount of his/her time sitting down with potential candidates giving each one his/her attention, sometimes long after it is clear that the candidate is not the right fit. And in some cases, the recruiter has to coordinate travel logistics only to find that the person does not have the right qualifications or would not be a great fit with the organization. A lot of time gets lost and misspent.


Now imagine a world where applicants can easily and readily be invited to complete an in-depth one-way video, voice, and written interview in a way that is integrated with the company’s online tracking system. And that recruiters can have the ability to quickly and easily scan through an application and interview without losing time to the phone, having to coordinate schedules, or having to coordinate travel logistics during the screening process. This then allows the recruiters to spend less time in the process of sorting through the applicant pool and more time with the qualified applicants they are seriously interested in interviewing. Digital interviews offer such a solution.

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