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RIVS, a leading provider of digital interview software, today announced its acquisition of Async Interview’s well-known interviewing solutions, including offerings for pre-recorded video interviewing, live video interviewing, and audio interviewing. In combination with current RIVS offerings, the resulting suite of services promises to empower organizations large and small to benefit from improved hiring quality and improved hiring speed that results from implementing digital interviews.

“We are thrilled to serve Async customers and bring them into the fold as we continue to grow RIVS,” said Phillip Leslie, Chief Executive Officer of RIVS. “We are enthusiastic about the opportunities that this expanded suite of offerings brings to our mutual clients, as we work to shave days off of every recruitment process and to deliver the highest quality hires.”

Async Interview will continue to be available under its original name, at http://www.asyncinterview.com, with a continued commitment to customer service and platform advancement.

“We’re delighted for Async Interview to join forces with RIVS, together creating a portfolio of recruiting and interviewing solutions that give our customers a broader range of options,” said Christopher Young, CEO and Founder of Async Interview. “RIVS is a recognized leader in digital interviewing at an exciting time as recruitment teams race to implement digital interviewing solutions.”

Organizations interested in learning more about RIVS Digital Interviews can request a personalized demo at http://www.rivs.com/demo/.

About RIVS Digital Interviews

RIVS connects recruitment teams to quality candidates through digital interviews. Video and voice interviews reveal key candidate communication and personality skills earlier on in the selection process, helping organizations discover top talent, while reducing time to hire and costs associated with interviewing. For more information, visit https://www.rivs.com/ or follow us on twitter @rivscom.

About Async Interview

Async Interview is a digital interviewing platform provider that supplies the technology and service to meet the needs of corporate and outsourced recruitment professionals. Its suite of video and audio interviewing tools are built to revolutionize the recruiting process, which is bogged down in inefficiencies, rising costs, and laborious procedures. The cloud-based real-time system gives recruiters, human resource professionals, and hiring managers the ability to conduct live and pre-recorded interviews, evaluate talent, collaborate on the review process, and identify top candidates in the emerging workforce.

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