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The RIVS Pro Interviewer certification is intended for individuals that have a demonstrated competency in using the digital interview process to improve organizational hiring results. The RIVS platform empowers digital interviewers with a variety of tools to manage any digital interviewing challenge, including 1-way interviews, 2-way-interviews, and interview scheduling. Expert interviewers have navigated the process of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring candidates using these tools.

About The Program

We created the RIVS Pro Interviewer certification to help distinguish the strongest digital interviewers as experts in the field.  Being an experienced digital interviewer is different than being an experienced in-person interviewer, in many ways.  When digital interviewers use the tools and techniques that are unique to the medium, they improve the experience for themselves, their organization, and the candidate.  We seek to recognize such individuals for the time and effort that they put into that craft.

Any interviewer that has successfully hired a candidate using the RIVS platform is eligible to apply for certification, but most successful applicants will have conducted numerous successful hires through the platform.  The application to obtain certification includes written, audio, and video questions designed to gauge your knack for conducting interviews via digital interviewing technologies.  If you are new to using RIVS digital interviews, you’ll want to get some hands-on experience before making the jump to applying to become a RIVS Pro Interviewer.

About The Benefits

As a RIVS Pro Interviewer, you’ll receive a badge that you can use to show the world that you have become an expert digital interviewer:

RIVS Pro Interviewer

The badge is most frequently used as an email footer, an addition to social media profiles, and on personal or organization-wide websites. You’ll also receive, upon request, a social media announcement of your achievement, and recognition on the RIVS website.

Interviewers: Are you ready?

Sound good?  We’re eager to have you apply to become a RIVS Pro Interviewer.  Ping us here to get started, or if you are brand new to RIVS start here for a demo of our platform.


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