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“RIVS is thrilled to partner with Checkr to streamline the process of compliant background checks in combination with digital interviews,” said Phil Leslie, CEO of RIVS Digital Interviews. “As we continue to focus on helping organizations hire faster, with higher quality, the integration of easy-to-use background checks means fewer manual steps for busy recruiting teams.”

Giving RIVS users the power of integrated background checks means harnessing the power of Checkr from the familiar RIVS user experience. “With national, state, county and other checks or verifications included in our services, we’re proud to work with RIVS to integrate our fast and compliant background check capabilities with the leading provider of digital interview solutions and provide an easy to use, streamlined, end-to-end solution for hiring new recruits,” said Pascal Levy-Garboua of Checkr.

Background checks are available to RIVS Digital Interviews customers effective immediately. Customers interested in learning more can request a personalized demo at http://www.rivs.com/demo/.

About Checkr:

Checkr provides simple, fast and compliant background screenings for Enterprises and Startups. Companies can use Checkr’s API or web dashboard to manage all of their background screening needs, from applicant consent to adverse actions. Checkr works today with more than 3,000 Clients in the United States, including Instacart, DoorDash, Zenefits and Workable. Find out more about Checkr at http://www.checkr.com.

About RIVS Digital Interviews:
RIVS connects recruitment teams to quality candidates through digital interviews. Video, voice, and written interviews reveal key candidate communication and personality skills earlier on in the selection process, helping organizations discover top talent, while reducing time to hire and costs associated with interviewing. For more information, visit https://www.rivs.com/ or follow us on twitter @rivscom.

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