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You may be hoping for some truly memorable gifts this holiday season, but that probably doesn’t include items like duct tape. Yet, if you’re doing a gift exchange with your colleagues, there’s a chance you might be getting something they grabbed from their junk drawer on the way to work.

In a new survey, CareerBuilder asked workers to confess some of the strangest gifts they’ve received from their co-workers. Besides the sticky adhesive, other odd “gifts” included:

  • A squirrel toilet seat decal
  • A pair of Christmas socks that look like elf feet
  • A bell on a string
  • A mystery bag with a coat in it
  • A giant heart shaped box of candy … from Valentine’s Day
  • A picture of a bear
  • A bowling ball
  • Homemade sausages
  • A ceramic sheep you can dress up seasonally

Twenty-one percent of workers say they plan to buy holiday gifts for co-workers this season, and 20 percent plan to purchase a present for the boss. Of those who plan to buy gifts for their co-workers or bosses, the majority (80 percent) expect to spend no more than $25 on each gift, while 9 percent will cap themselves off at $5.

Employers also spreading the love
If you’re not looking forward to your office gift exchange, don’t worry – there are other ways the holidays are being celebrated in workplaces this year.

Sixty-six percent of employers say they plan to throw company holiday parties, up from 63 percent in 2014. Forty-five percent of employers will give employees gifts, and 47 percent will give charitable donations.

If you’re hoping for some extra cash instead of a present or holiday bash, the good news is that more employers are planning to give the gift of extra money this year.

Fifty-four percent plan to give employees a holiday bonus, up from 47 percent in 2014. More than 1 in 10 employers say they will give a larger bonus than last year (14 percent).

Office holiday etiquette
Whether or not you’re in the holiday spirit at work, don’t let your co-workers – or your boss – know it. If your company is hosting a holiday party, make an effort to attend; chances are you’ll end up building some solid workplace relationships and maybe even have a little fun, too. And if you get a strange gift from a colleague, smile and thank him or her politely…you don’t want to offend anyone and create an uncomfortable work environment. Remember: There’s always the option of re-gifting.

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