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A drawn out hiring process is never enjoyable for either the candidates in question or the hiring manager who wants to get the best talent in the door as quick as possible. Money leaks out of the business while important functions go unfilled. Monster.com puts it bluntly: “Make no mistake about it: a prolonged time-to-hire means opportunities lost and resources wasted.”

While some time consuming factors are not in either party’s control (legal constraints, hiring freezes, personal issues etc.,) many time consuming issues can be completed avoided. Scheduling, the ability for candidates and recruiters to effectively connect and find a mutually beneficial time to interview, causes extreme holds in moving the interviewing process forward. For example, it takes an average of 6-8 days before an employer and candidate connect for a phone screen. Considering top candidates become disengaged after not hearing from an employer for 10 days, top candidates could become uninterested before the hiring process really begins! Having a scheduling process implemented into your already well thought out hiring process can save you major amounts of time in getting top talent through your door.

Scheduling Tips to Ease the Time-to-Hire Crunch Stop Playing Tag

The back-and-forth communication required in scheduling interview times eats up hours that a…

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