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In standard recruiting efforts, you screen candidates for their job qualifications and background. Are you also considering their experience and abilities in the “soft skills” areas of collaboration and communications? If not, you’re missing valuable information about your prospective employees. Here’s why:

Screen Candidates for These 2 Critical Soft Skills

1. The ability to collaborate

In today’s competitive work environment, it’s important to find team members who are, in fact, willing to be a part of a team. This is why it’s so important that you screen candidates for their collaboration skills. Are you asking them about their success with and enjoyment of team-based rather than simply personal projects? The answer to this question can be very telling in terms of whether a candidate will be the right fit for your environment.

Having successful and independent workers is certainly important, but it is critical that those who screen candidates also get a sense of how they fit into a collaborative team environment. Are they willing to accept advice and suggestions from their juniors and peers? Are they open to new ideas and ways of approaching projects? Are they highly skilled in the ways of working with others? If so, they will definitely add value to your operation. If not, is that really the best candidate for the job?

2. The ability to communicate complex ideas

Another crucial skill for personnel is communication. Of course a candidate will communicate effectively in their paper application and resume or it’s unlikely they’ll ever reach the level where they are being seriously considered. And, yes, that is a type of communication. But it’s not the only one, nor is it the most important. Think about it – when you screen candidates, is it only the paper version of themselves you want to consider, or is it the whole package of who they are and what they offer to the organization?

Even the most intelligent intellectuals need to be able to explain what they are doing to others. They will need to translate their technical knowledge and abilities into terms that the team, and eventually, the client, understands. This is another important consideration for those who screen candidates to consider.

However you screen candidates, it is imperative that you be able to consider each individual as a whole person. Remember that you are hiring more than their background and resume, you are hiring a person who will fill an important role within your organization. To fully consider them, you will not only want to look at their professional achievements and academic accomplishments, but you will want to include an evaluation of their collaboration and communication skills as well.

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