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Did you know 30,206 employers are searching for registered nursing resumes in our database every month? By posting your resume to
CareerBuilder.com, employers can search and find you without you ever applying for a job.

Registered nurses have a great instinct for knowing just when to step into a situation, whether it’s providing care for patients, bringing a doctor up to speed or acting on a lucrative opportunity for a step up in your career.

But if you’ve been so busy in your current job or preparing to qualify as a registered nurse that you haven’t had time recently to search for a position, it can be unclear where to start or how to search for
RN jobs. Read on to learn about best search practices for looking online, as well as the resources offered to give you a competitive edge for the best new opportunities and pay. A new position means new opportunities to help care for the world and also step up in your career.

High demand online for RNs
According to data by Economic Modeling Specialists Intl., in the summer of 2014, there were 1,060,000 job postings for registered nurses online, with a higher posting intensity for RNs than for all other occupations and companies in the region, indicating that companies may be trying harder to hire this position.

That trend is only expected to grow as an aging population will require more health care options, and a recovering economy means expanding health care teams and new facilities that will need to be staffed. So how can you make sure you’re visible to the right employers in this time of high demand for RNs?

Two steps to new opportunities
Your first step is to share your desired job title (do you want to search for registered nurse positions? Or a more specific health care role? Suggestions will load as you begin to type, helping you to connect with the terms and titles employers use, ensuring that job seekers and employers are on the same page. Next, include the area you’re looking to work in and upload your resume. Also include how visible you’d like to be to employers.

Post your registered nurse resume to find jobs

Next, sign up or sign into your account. Your first and last name, email address and a password are the only fields required to create and access your account, which is home base to the best job-searching tools for RNs. With an account, you’ll be able to view recommended jobs, your resume and cover letters to keep your materials straight, your saved jobs, searches and alerts, as well as the HireInsider Report, a free report that helps you check out the competition. Two steps is all it takes before you’re accessing countless jobs that could be the right career move for you and connect you with a great employer.

Create job seeker account for registered nurse jobs

Check out the competition
The HireInsider report allows you to gauge your chances of getting the job and viewing stats on the competition, like the average level of education that applicants have, as well as years of experience and the volume of resumes that hiring managers are receiving. You can even see if you’re one of the first to apply! All of this information allows you to make informed choices and have a clear plan for you how see your career going.

HireInsider reports show competitive stats about available RN jobs

If you don’t have a resume, you can build it free!
Resume Hero helps you create a stellar resume that will stand out to employers, and takes the guesswork out of putting your resume together. Don’t let a resume be a roadblock to your next great opportunity in nursing. Instead, take advantage of resume services like Resume Hero or Resume Share, which can invite others to help improve your resume and give insight to your search.

Click here to begin searching for jobs now, as well as upload your resume or create a new one for free. A new position as a registered nurse or a related opportunity is just around the corner!

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