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The Recruiter/Passive Candidate Dilemma

Often, recruiters face a tough dilemma in trying to reach out to passive talent:  How to get their attention?  You see when recruiters seek out passive candidates, their contact information isn’t just sitting readily in a directory with the right number to call or personal email addresses, they have to go in search of a way to get their position in front of them.

They reach out via any outlet they have access to: LinkedIn, other social networks, introductions, cold calling, or emailing.  Often, the easiest means of contact information to obtain is a potential candidate’s work email address and phone number.

It’s a double-edged sword for a passive job-seeker.  If you’re at all interested in hearing about potential job opportunities you run the risk of being overheard at work or having an email intercepted and questioned in more strict office environments.  But, without that risk, the reward of seeking a new opportunity can pass you by.

How do you feel about it?  Is it okay for recruiters to reach out to you at your place of work by phone or email?  

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