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While Skype may be an ideal tool for instant messaging and 1-on-1 video conferencing between colleagues, some recruitment teams use it for video interviews with candidates, yet Skype is not a video interview software. Here’s why:

Why Skype Isn’t Video Interview Software

1. Limited Number of Live Video Participants

Skype’s free version allows for just a 1-on-1 video interaction, which won’t support a panel/group interview. Video interviewing software like RIVS gives recruiters 5 seats in the live video interview that can be allocated to either interviewers or interviewees. RIVS also allows for an unlimited number of invited observers to watch the live video interview taking place.

2.  Lack of Support

When a technical or functional problem occurs with Skype, reaching a support professional quickly, let alone within an hour or two is highly unlikely. RIVS offers 24/7 candidate support and unparalleled client support during weekday business hours so that problems can be resolved as they occur so that candidates and recruiters can experience the best possible video interviewing experience.

3. Security

With Skype, candidates may acquire programs that allow them to record their screen during the interview. Since the program requires software to be downloaded, other viruses are able to monitor the video calls.  This is could pose to be a liability for employers who use Skype as video interview software.

4.  Skype is NOT a Recruiting Tool

Simply put, Skype was originally built as a social platform to connect via video to family or friends. Video interview software like RIVS is built for Recruiters and HR professionals by specialists in the industry. Recruiters are able to access recruitment tools beyond just live video interviews such as one way video, voice and written interviews to send to candidates for them to complete on their own time. RIVS also creates candidate profiles that house all of the candidate information and interviews so that recruiters can easily review candidates and share their information with other key candidate decision makers.

 5.  Absence of Branding

When candidates enter a live interview on Skype, they’ll notice logos, and information from Skype.  When entering a video interviewing software like RIVS, candidates are presented the interviewing companies’ information, logo, and so much more throughout the process.

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