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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we asked all of you what advice or lessons your mothers had shared with you in regards to your careers, jobs, and interviewing.  Turns out, there’s quite a bit of practical guidance that starts right at home.

Sharing is one of the most important and simplest aspects of the workplace.  Every day we share our ideas, thoughts, support, experience, strength, skills, and more with each other.  This down-to-earth rule of thumb from Tina Shapiro’s mom is really part of the backbone to success for many organizations.

We build off of and grow from what we share with others and what they share with us.  Want to think of great examples of teamwork for your next interview, think of what you’ve share of yourself and what you’ve learned from others.

Maybe Paul’s mom should be giving some counsel to some top corporations with her sound advice.  Number 1 should go without saying, but it’s a good reminder, especially in the interview-honesty and integrity are key to a career full of success.

And, following the guidance of Number 2, if you want to make a good impression in the interview, never bad mouth a former employer, company, or teammate in the interview.  When you land that coveted job, always air your concerns with others in a constructive environment, with the other person, where you can problem solve and come to a solution rather than talk behind their backs.

Number 3 and Number 4 apply to so many different business scenarios.  In the interview process, never under value or overvalue yourself or the opportunity presented.  And don’t oversell what you can’t deliver on (this goes for companies, too, when delivering clear job expectations!)


We loved the support showed by Aimee Bateman’s mom!  One of the biggest things we suggest during your job search is to always find a cheerleader who will listen and give you that much needed pep talk when you might be feeling a little burned out.  Sometimes our biggest supporters are right at home and remind us, as Aimee said of her mom, that we can achieve anything!

So remember, some of the best career advice starts right at home.  And, don’t forget to thank all the mothers out there for their tremendous support.

happy mother's day

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