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Staffing firms that genuinely care about their candidates take the time to educate them not only on the positions they may have available, but on the skills required for their candidates to pursue and, eventually, find a position with the right fit.

What should staffing firms be sure their candidates know about interviewing?

1. First, staffing firms need to help the candidate figure out the questions they have about the job, the company, the benefits, the environment, and the day-to-day responsibilities including sometimes awkward questions about how the manager/employee relationship works best for this manager. Once those questions are defined, help the candidate develop an action plan that includes the most important question to the candidate in a way that the candidate is comfortable asking.

2. Second, it is up to staffing firms to make sure the candidate is prepared to answer difficult questions for their history. In a strong interview, questions may be posed that require introspection, candor, and uncomfortable truths. Not adequately preparing your candidate means potentially blindsiding them and that can make them – and you- look bad.

3. Third, staffing firms should review with candidates the importance of nonverbal communications in an interview. No matter…

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