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Why should a company choose your firm for their staffing needs? What sets your company apart from other agencies? As you well know, these are important questions that prospective clients ask to help make their decision. What answers will you give them?

Unfortunately, being the industry expert and having a large team of experienced recruiters won’t always win business. You need to demonstrate where your firm can provide a competitive advantage, and adding video interviews to your arsenal helps make that happen.

How can video interviews help staffing firms screen candidates quickly?

Being an agency recruiter means working on a large number of openings for several clients.  Obviously, speed to delivery is critical, but failure to screen candidates properly before sending to a client can be catastrophic.

Video interviews provide an efficient and effective way for agency recruiters to screen their candidates before allowing clients to review. Recruiters can work with their client managers on the areas that need to be screened, and then set them up as questions for each candidate to answer.

How can video interviews help staffing agencies with scheduling interviews for clients?

Contingent and executive search firms work with candidates on a national, and sometimes global level.  Interview scheduling between the candidate and client isn’t always an easy process.  Being able to find that perfect time slot that works for the candidate as well as the entire interviewing team can take a while, ending in frustration for both the client and candidate.

When your company has video interviewing functionality, you can offer setting up a live video interview between the candidate and hiring team.  Not only will the video interview help to speed up the interviewing process and keep it moving swiftly, but you will also save your client company money on interview travel arrangements.


Video interviews can help staffing agencies close new prospective clients, screen candidates quicker and more effective, and they can also help keep your client’s wallet a little thicker.  If that’s not music to your ears, then I don’t know what is! To keep up with your competitors, schedule a free consultation with one of our account executives on how you can use video interviews in your recruitment process!

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