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New Year’s Day is right around the corner. Many people are beginning to take a long hard look at their lives over the last 365 days to see what has gone well, what hasn’t and what needs to change so that next year things can be smoother. Corporations and businesses are no different.

Starting the New Year with New HR Processes

Now is a perfect time to take a deep look at the way your HR processes and operations are functioning as a recruiter and as a business person. Are you supporting your organization’s or clients’ hiring needs the most efficiently? Cost effectively? Are you in a position to streamline these processes and help them find the help they need more quickly? The answer to these questions may force you to think about changing the way you do things and the way your clients do as well.

It’s 2016 in just a few days. While not all of the promised Hollywood visions of the future have come to pass, we still live in an incredibly technological age and every day new innovations are helping us all improve our personal and work lives in ways our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents could never have dreamed possible. Just like our children and grandchildren will never know the joy of having to get up and walk across the room to turn a dial on a television or slam their fingers into a rotary phone. So why not take advantage of all technology has to offer for your business as well?

The days of coordinating schedules, expensive lunch meetings, and parading multiple candidates in and out of the office to interrupt the work time of busy executives are coming to an end. The impact on productivity and daily business operations is simply not worth the “possibility” that someone’s resume was accurate enough to justify making that kind of sacrifice.

Instead, in 2016, take the leap that technology offers with the utilization of digital interviews. Save your company and your clients time and money, improve productivity, increase the quality of your hires, and reduce time to hire. Let 2016 be the year that your HR processes, like the cellphone, changed the lives of all those touched for the better.

Have a wonderful new year and feel free to email me directly if you’re ready to start 2016 off with digital interviews.

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