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A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney because he lacked imagination. Imagine how Disney felt about his dream after hearing that. But he never quit working toward his dream. The dream of becoming your own boss or completely changing your vocation is within your grasp. You can create compelling digital images, make music with the stars or put the two together in a gaming world that began as your idea. Following the correct path will help you land your dream job faster than imagined.

Designing the Digital Future

The graphic design industry encompasses many careers and has an expected growth rate of 61 percent over the next few years. College-bound designers can earn a bachelor’s degree in design while learning the business side of the field, which is beneficial if you want to freelance or open a business.

Online and traditional colleges teach graphic design, where even those with limited income can attend. California offers both online and campus courses through university programs. Vocational learning with degree and certification programs are worth exploring as well. You can create new adventures for gamers, fresh graphics for smartphones and create websites to engage viewers. Originality in graphic design opens doors to the music and film industry.

Use Your Musical Passion

Look beyond the stage when starting out in the music industry. Your musical talent can lead to jobs in areas you may not know about. A passion for music can lead to sound engineering, sound design or music production. Being part of the music industry does not necessarily mean playing in bars and clubs with hopes of being discovered. You can collaborate with stars and make contacts while working in sound design and production.

Demand for sound engineers will increase by 10 percent over the next few years with the highest demand centering in California. The chance to use your talents to make a living can start by exploring progressive CA music colleges, such as Pinnacle College, and choosing the major that will set you on the path of your dream job. Sound engineers work in recording studios, movie studios, radio stations, television stations and software production. The engineer works closely with artists to write lyrics and music while recording. Movie and television productions often use sound engineers when putting different sounds to a story. The industry depends on creativity and making good connections.

The Gaming Industry

The technology behind video game production combines animation, sound engineering and graphic design. The industry provides artists an outlet for creative musical and visual inclinations. California leads in jobs related to the video gaming industry. Educational requirements for video game development, production and post-production vary by company. A degree in music engineering, graphic design and related arts help further your career. You can stand out in this competitive field by:

  • Creating flash games for social networking websites
  • Reading industry magazines to find invitations to submit portfolios
  • Producing your own game to hand to a producer personally
  • Keeping a network of college professors and industry friends
  • Putting together a portfolio and game while attending college

Many find the video game industry fulfills their passions artistically, pays well and keeps the kid inside happy. Expect a 30 percent growth in the industry in the next few years.

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