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How to Stop Wasting Time in Your Hiring Process By: Ioana Marinescu on March 11, 2016.

2016 will continue to be a candidate-driven market in which challenges abound for recruiters. So, more than ever, time is money. Recruiters will need to put in more effort to generate a hire, as candidates have many options. Again and again, recruiters will have to spend time looking at resumes and deciding who to interview and who to hire.

How should recruiters spend their time? Which unfilled positions should they spend more time on?  A team led by the economist Ernst Fehr published a new article that generates some key insights.

Here are three highlights from Fehr’s key insights: Stop agonizing over which candidates to interview when you have many similarly good candidates.

Suppose you have one position, such as an administrative assistant job, for which there are many similarly good…

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