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Human resources

Why Talent Analytics Matter

Everyone talks about data. Whether you’re figuring out how to acquire new users, increase customer loyalty, or build an audience with content, you’re probably using analytics to set goals and measure what’s working. A newer and possibly more critical area where both qualitative and quantitative data is making a difference is talent analytics. At its […]

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What to Do When You Don’t Get the Job

How to Handle Interview Rejection As a job seeker, every prospective interview holds new hope and excitement, especially when you know you're a great fit for t...

Managers Are Not Interested In Interpersonal Skills

According to a research run by Impraise, managers are more focused on getting feedback on productivity skills rather than interpersonal skills such as listening. The ability to ask for feedback in real-time revealed some interesting facts about the skills that managers care most about. Managers that work with this new type of performance management, real-time 360 […]

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