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5 Essentials of Strategic Renewal

Every organizational strategy needs regular updating regardless of how successful you’ve been. It’s simply not good enough to develop your strategy and put it on the shelf, expecting that it will work indefinitely. Always be looking for and recording the factors that have changed since you crafted the last version of your plan. The business […]

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VIDEO: Wooing China’s Generation Y

Generation Y represents roughly 40% of China's workforce. The WSJ's Wei Gu talks to InclusionINC's Arnold Guo about what Chinese companies are doing t...
Marissa Mayer's bans telecommuting

Telecommuting and Talent Under Fire

Marissa Mayer's Controversial Decision to End Telecommuting at Yahoo! Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, decided to ban telecommuting for all employees of her compa...
culture infused interview process

A Culture Infused Interview Process

Think you have a strong company culture?  Are you trying to develop and promote strong values among your workforce?  Does company culture and 'fit' play a big p...