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7 Ways Candidates Blow A Phone Interview

I’m consistently amazed by how unaware the average job seeker is of how to establish a positive first impression on a phone interview. I hear the same frustrated complaints from employers of all industries and sizes – that candidates who voluntarily submitted their resumes in hopes of discussing a position they’re supposedly interested in just […]

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How to Screen Applicants Beyond the Resume

When a position needs to be filled ASAP, the typical knee-jerk reaction is to screen applicants as quickly as possible for their relevant experience on their resume. However, as we’ve discussed here before, basing your hiring decisions primarily on a candidate’s […]...

Screening Applicants with the Right Questions

Properly screening applicants with the right interview questions sets the stage for being able to identify, hire and retain the best candidate for your organization. The impact of not asking the right questions can lead to a potential bad hire, which […]...