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Make The Hiring Manager Your Recruiting Partner

With all the focus on sourcing, the candidate experience, mobile access and employer branding, the hiring manager experience can be a low priority within organizations. Why is the hiring manager experience something that warrants attention and cultivating? Simply, the hiring manager plays a pivotal role in the talent acquisition process. The decision to hire usually rests […]

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11 Mistakes only RPO Recruiting Teams will Understand

If you are part of an RPO recruiting team, you know the delicate balancing act of growing your candidate pool while at the same time marketing the value of your services to companies. You know the complexity of addressing both sides of that equation with care. Your time, effort, and focus is expected by both candidates and companies, and you are in the middle balancing it all. Here are 11 mistakes to stay far away from....
never ask a recruiter for advice

Never Ask a Recruiter for Advice!

I have been a corporate recruiter for over 6 years and have been asked on many occasions by candidates “Can you tell me what I did wrong in my interview?” H...