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video interviews

Video Interviews: “It’s Great to See You!”

Video interviews are more humanizing than a phone screen, resume screen, or written question screen -- by a mile!  There is something natural and comfortable about being able to see and interact with the person you are considering, especially when it comes to customer-facing roles.  Digital interviews make it possible, and easy!...
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Video Interviews for Departing Employees

Video interviews aren't just for hiring new employees, they are also for learning from attrition. If you are an organization that is large enough to forecast annual turnover, chances are that you are large enough to need a standard operating procedure for managing the employee exit process. Video interviews can help....

Online Interviewing: Digital Interviews Vs. Skype

Over the past couple of years, online interviewing has become a standard interviewing method among many recruitment teams. As companies explore growing their recruitment practices through online interviewing with digital interviewing platforms such as RIVS Digital Interviews, the most common question we get is, […]...