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Once upon a time, in the middle of a great green forest in the land of HR, there lived a reputable company that built thingamabobs and sold them at a fair price. And, as all good companies do, over time it developed a need for more staff because its thingamabob demand was increasing. But how to find new staff and select them? Upon opening their “How to Find New Staff and Select Them” manual, the company’s recruiters were shocked to read these words…. Use Video Interviews.

As might be expected, this put the recruiters into a quandary. After all, it was THEIR job to find the new staff and select them. And using video interviews might well work but would it (gasp), replace them? Make them obsolete? Render them archaic?

The recruiters talked amongst themselves, growing more and more worried until they decided finally that one of them needed to bring this issue to a higher level. They chose the youngest and newest of them and sent him to the “C” level to find out what this new instruction meant for them.

With trembling hands and a quivering voice, the recruiter requested guidance. “Oh, powerful and wise leaders, we seek…

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