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Chicago isn’t just a hotbed for startups right now, it’s a hotbed for startups looking to transform the talent acquisition space.  From technology and software to social communities and new approaches, we’re introducing you to some of the hottest Chicago startups who will be changing the conversation of interviewing and how and where you find talent for your organizations:

Get Me the Right Job




GetMeTheRightJob.com (GMTRJ) was founded in 2009 and launched on January 8th, 2010.  They heard the cries from the industry that the traditional recruiting process was broken and they intend to fix it using the right people, process and technology.   With a strong global team, a unique salesforce.com application, and robust business processes, they help organizations hire the right people, for the right job.

GMTRJ’s vision is to help organizations by aligning their recruitment processes and reduce their hiring costs. In addition, their top priority is to be the number one choice for job seekers when it comes to finding the right job, because they are totally transparent in their recruitment approach – “no gimmicks or tricks about the available vacancies.” They really work with the clients whom they represent and they treat job seekers with honesty and respect–something missing from many hiring processes. Believe it or not, they actually call candidates back and help them understand why they did or did not get a job.

GMTRJ is empowering both sides in the global war for talent, building strong employment brands and respecting a job seeker’s “bill of rights,” such as proper response to their applications, quality interviewing, timely feedback, etc., while helping them to focus on managing their reputation by having the right Social Media profile, following professional work ethics, and building a strong network, etc.  Get Me The Right Job wants to be a part of the “revolution” in the recruiting industry, and has the right mix of people, process, and technology to help you revolutionize your hiring today!

BetterWeekDays’ vision may seem loftier than most, with their hope to raise the contributions of businesses to society by improving the effectiveness of its leaders, but we love their ideas and foresight to improving workplace dynamics through social communities.

They’re achieving this vision by building a community of top-tier MBA professionals for the purposes of leadership development, relevant connections, and career enhancement to encourage people to Be Better!

By centralizing alumni networks of the top-tier MBA programs on the BetterWeekdays platform through LinkedIn and Facebook integration, BetterWeekDays provides every member with an industry leading assessment that captures the convergence of their values/interests, skills and style as it relates to leadership development and career enhancement, and combines the attributes of their alumni network with the assessment to determine the most relevant opportunities (career and network) that support their life-time professional growth.

How does this affect companies, per say?  BetterWeekDays is teaming with employers to match them with quality hires who share their same values.  Down the road, the possibilities are endless as to how BetterWeekDays can work with employers and their social communities to add value to creating a Better Week Day for everyone involved.

My Job Search Board




My Job Search Board, despite the name, is not, in fact, a new job board, but a peer to peer job lead and referral management system that combines two essential tools to job search success: The MyJobCardsTM app on Facebook and the JobSearchBoardTM.

For job seekers, The MyJobCardsTM application allows them to easily tap into the hidden job market while helping others manage their careers by providing job leads or a referral. In return, they can receive job leads back from their friends – all in the form of a job card. Simply put, tapping into the hidden job market is as easy as the old adage ‘help others and you will be helped in return’, all thanks to the MyJobCardsTM app.

My Job Search Board is empowering the job seeker through the ENTIRE job search process from finding job leads to landing that perfect job, and best of all, it’s FREE for them to use.  As the number of job cards job seekers collect increase they can more easily manage each step of their job search with their own personalized job search board.

What’s in it for employers?  My Job Search Board provides employers with access to a broader range of candidates through their proprietary Job CardsTM technology.

My Job Search Board believes 21st century career management depends on your ability to manage opportunities as they occur, regardless where your path may take you. If you’re going to manage this ongoing process successfully, you’ll need a strategic job search management system–and My Job Search Board is here to be that system.

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