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Continued from Talent Acquisition Hotbed of Transformation – Part 1

Couldn’t get enough of who’s transforming the Talent Acquisition scene in Chicago?  Here’s four more hot startups that you should be keeping an eye on, or reaching out to!

rivs.com logo

At their previous startup, Rivs.com’s founders constantly struggled with the hiring process.  With rapid growth, they needed a lot of great people, but couldn’t afford to spend the time reviewing every one of the thousands of job applications they received weekly. Even when they did find the right applicants and offered them a quick initial phone interview, only half of them actually called in for the interview. Because every moment wasted is a critical loss to a startup, they believed there had to be a better way.  Necessity is the mother of invention as they say and out of their need grew rivs.com.

So what is rivs?  Rivs is an online software that helps businesses organize jobs and job applicants, and drastically improves hiring efficiency and quality by providing automated written, voice, and video interviews.  This revolutionary new way to tame the interview process helps companies effectively reduce costs, especially those associated with time to hire and productivity loss during the hiring process, and provides flexible options to manage the entire process available at your finger tips wherever you are, whenever you want.

Their company philosophy is simple: deliver an extraordinary service at a fair price, treat customers to what we hope will be their best service experience ever, and cultivate their team into the best and happiest people they can possibly be. Taking cues from companies like Zappos, Southwest Airlines, and Joie de Vivre Hotels, their goal is nothing short of making everyone happy. Yes, they believe it is possible.

One Day, One Job

One Day, One Job was founded by Willy Franzen in May of 2007 and launched on November 12, 2007.  While not new to the startup scene, One Day, One Job has been making tremendous headway with job seekers and from we hear is about to get a makeover to make it even more accessible.  When Willy graduated from Cornell University in 2006, he quickly realized how frustrating the job search can be for new grads and started One Day, One Job. as the insider’s guide to unique and exciting entry level job and career opportunities for recent college graduates.

One Day, One Job is all about introducing college students and recent grads to exciting companies and their entry level jobs. Every day the site takes a look at one employer and the jobs that they are offering for recent college graduates. They scour both online and offline media for information on exciting companies that most people might overlook in the job search.  In addition to the opportunities on the site, One Day, One Job offers a plethora of other useful resources and information to job seekers, keeping them coming back for more, and Franzen operates a sister site, One Day, One Internship.

Forte HCM

First, we want to start off by congratulating ForteHCM™ for their recent CODie Award for best HCM solution awarded by SIIA.  ForteHCM is an On-Demand solution for optimizing talent acquisition through highly sensitive parameter-based selection processes. Utilizing patent-pending tools with features like contextual search, adaptive recommendations, customizable assessments and cyber proctoring, their suite of tools enables organizations to reduce cost while mitigating risk in the hiring process and delivers value by enabling organizations to make informed hiring decisions.

Their product suite consists of tools for candidate sourcing and assessment. The Sourcing Tool provides an integrated platform for organizations to perform both sourcing and screening,  accomplished by using proprietary algorithms across multiple sources to obtain standardized, ranked and informative results, in a user friendly front-end interface.

The Assessment engine consists of test and interview tools/products that eliminate technical bandwidth limitations of recruiters. The engine provides organizations a multitude of features, including: detailed performance data, cross customization, performance reporting across multiple tests through granular scoring, cyber-proctoring to curtail fraudulent practices in test taking as well as the functionality to design tests from scratch.


HireBrite is basically a startup supporting startups! Their mission is two-fold:

-To help entrepreneurs more effectively source the best business and technical talent;

-To help talented students find rewarding, non-traditional jobs and internships at cool, high-potential startups.

Through the HireBrite web platform, students and startups create profiles that are actually meaningful to startup hiring. HireBrite matches students with startups similar to a dating site by going beyond boring job board questions to make more intuitive matches.

HireBrite is currently wrapping up its pilot program and expanding to additional universities and entrepreneurial communities beyond Chicago and New York. If you’re a funded startup with at least 3 full-time employees, you could be among the first to access their growing talent pool.

Know of a great startup in the recruitment and talent management space in Chicago we’ve missed or another great startup anywhere that we should be talking about?  Let us know!  Get in on the conversation and clue us in to the next great company poised to disrupt the Talent landscape!


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