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The goal of recruiting is to hire an employee who will be successful in a certain role at your company. Successful recruiting yields employees that not only fulfill a technical role, but who will also will grow and provide years of productive contributions to your company. Such employees can be hard to find, particularly when a hiring manager needs to hire a technical team. With companies increasingly relying on the technical acumen of their employees, candidates with technical skills are in high demand.

Anyone in the business world knows that hiring the wrong candidate can be devastating to a company’s productivity and morale. A company can hire a candidate that looks great on paper, but discover that the candidate doesn’t fit culturally or that their skills were misleading on their resume. Technical hiring requires particular attention to detail in order for a recruiter to accurately access a candidate’s skill set. Recruiters can be at a major disadvantage when they are hiring for a position that requires technical skills that are more advanced than what the recruiter is equipped to screen for.

Studies have shown that having a background in technology and being able to relate on an equivalent technical level to your candidate aids hiring managers in making a good hiring decision. Not only do the hiring managers make better decisions, but technical candidates appreciate someone who fully recognizes their skills.

Companies like Expert Interview provide hiring managers, nontechnical founders, and recruiters with objective second opinions from industry experts. The industry experts interview the company’s candidate and provide the hiring manager or recruiter with an objective, third party assessment of the candidate’s skills. Investments like getting an expert second opinion in the later stages of the hiring process can greatly increase the chances of a company hiring the right candidate for their technical position. With the world of technical recruiting evolving so rapidly, ensuring you have the tools that you need to hire the right candidate for your technical positions can be make-or-break for your company.

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