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Marissa Mayer’s Controversial Decision to End Telecommuting at Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, decided to ban telecommuting for all employees of her company, starting later this year.  This decision comes at a time when Mayer’s is trying to drive innovation and bring Yahoo back as an industry leader.

With technology shifting the way we interact and communicate, offering a plethora of options when it comes to workplace flexibility and attracting talent, some say that the choice to bring all Yahoo! employees back into the office is a step back for companies and leadership across the board; Richard Branson being one of the many to speak out against her decision.

But Mayer claims if she has to be there so should all her employees and wants to create a more collaborative environment to build ideas and innovation within the organization.  Other experts agree with her that telecommuting is dead for top companies that want to stay competitive. All the while, similar high profile companies such as Apple and Facebook have always required employees to work at their offices and avoided allowing employees to telecommute for many of the same reasons Mayer is trying push.

We’re interested in your thoughts on this decision:

Do you think it’s fair to for Mayer to ask people who have been telecommuting that they change their entire work routine?
Do you feel that it will inhibit Mayer’s ability to attract top talent to Yahoo?
How will working parents adapt to the change, and do you think they will seek to leave the organization?
How would you feel as a telecommuter if this decision occurred in your organization?
Do you think other leaders will follow suit and that she is ruining it for the rest of us, or will other companies push for further work flexibility to show that innovation can be achieved in many ways?
Is Mayer’s just leading the charge of a workplace dynamic that needs to be re-instated?

And our birdfeud question of the week: Do you support Mayer’s decision to stop telecommuting in her organization or are you against it?

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