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It is no secret companies are fighting for top talent, but for many organizations, spiking pay salaries to attract job seekers just isn’t in their budget.  Many companies are turning to their employee benefits packages to offer something that stands out.

One such benefit that is growing in popularity is providing employees with unlimited vacation days, though as of now, it’s only about 1% of organizations that have actually implemented the system.

Sounds divine, right?  The only caveat—you have to get your work done.  For companies such as Evernote, Red Frog, and Netflix, it’s paying off in a big way for both the employees and the employer.

But, many people are skeptical of the system stating that it makes employees too afraid to take time off, while other cynics worry about those that will abuse the system.

It’s doesn’t work in every company, especially if you’re dealing with hourly workers, or those that have to be tied to strict schedules, and still others fear more employees will job hop without the draw of building tenure to acquire more time off.  But it can be a game changer for those willing to put in the effort to hold themselves and their workforce accountable to the system.

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