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It’s National Boss’s Day, an opportunity to show appreciation for the bosses that support us, challenge us and help us to grow professionally. After all, whom you’re working for can have a huge impact on your job satisfaction, as anyone who’s had a bad boss will tell you.

If you have ever had a bad boss during your career, you’re in good company. A recent survey from the LaSalle Network found that 87 percent of workers have had a bad boss at some point in their career. Of that group, half (51 percent) quit the company because of the bad boss.

Respondents reported that never taking the blame but being the first to take the credit was the top sign of a bad boss (27 percent). Other indicators include:

  • Only notices negatives, never the positives – 26 percent
  • Uncaring/not empathetic – 18 percent
  • Doesn’t acknowledge my hard work – 16 percent
  • Not willing to help me learn – 15 percent

If this doesn’t describe your boss, don’t forget to show a little appreciation today.

Originally posted at http://advice.careerbuilder.com/posts/the-truth-about-bad-bosses

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