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Hey, you’ve got a little something on your face…Facebook that is….yes, right there…almost got it…a little to the left, scroll down…THERE, RIGHT THERE!  Yeah, that very explicit post about hating everyone you work with and how much your job and company suck that you didn’t set to private, that’s why we’re not hiring you.

Don’t think that could happen to you?  You never know what you forgot is posted on your timeline, or your twitter, or online in general.  Maybe it was a moment of weakness or temporary insanity, or maybe you just never figured out the privacy controls every time the social platform was updated.

And with the introduction of Facebook Graph Search and other sourcing tools using similar search functions being release on the market, it’s getting easier every day for employers to find you, wherever you are online.

Never fear because you’ve now got tools and apps at your disposal to help you clean up your act.  Introduce Simplewa.sh formerly known as Facewa.sh.  It’s like when your mom used to put a bar of soap in your mouth after hearing you say a curse word, except without the shame and embarrassment and nasty after taste.

Simplewa.sh was first introduced as a way to scrub down your Facebook and point out all the potential pitfalls that might turn off a prospective employer.  With its rapidly growing popularity, it’s changed its name and is undergoing a face-lift as Simplewa.sh, and expanding the social media channels you can use the platform to clean up your online presence.

What does it do? It searches your profile for all that undesirable content that paints you in an unfavorable light.  Take it for a test run and see what it finds.  But, Simplewa.sh is just one tool at your disposal in your effort to get squeaky clean for employers.

Reppler has been around for awhile now and also helps you manage your online reputation across social platforms, letting you know how you are perceived and alerting you of potential issues.  Unlike Simplewa.sh that does a one-time scrub for your dirty laundry you left hanging out to dry, Reppler has a free social media monitoring service that supports Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Of course, if you’re really concerned about your online reputation, you can also explore products like BrandYourself, which helps you improve your Google results and shows you what’s appearing when people search for you online. And then there’s Reputation.com which can offer even more extensive online reputation management services for a price.

For those of you not into tools that can help you sort out the trail of pictures from college or stag parties floating around, there’s always going old school and doing your own internet searches for yourself and manually trying to remove everything.

But, we’re curious: with so many new tools and services being introduced every day, what tools are you using to manage your personal brand online?  Have you tried any of the ones above?  What do you like and dislike?  Do you have a tool we didn’t mention that you’d recommend to job seekers to help get their online brand under control?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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