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With the entire country interconnected, companies often headhunt across state lines. When it comes time for the decision-making interview, candidates can potentially be flying in from all over the country. Any assistance human resources personnel can offer, even if unnecessary, will always be welcome. Following are just a few things HR reps should keep in mind as they speak to these traveling candidates.

Offer city guides and directions

One of the most stressful aspects of traveling for a job interview is the prospect of getting from the airport or hotel to the office building, on time, and in a city the interviewee may never have visited before. While an interview is more or less a test, you’ll want to make sure that the candidate isn’t under undue stress that results from travel complications. Offering travel tips, such as the best means of transportation to get to the office building, will be much appreciated. Having directions in hand before the trip even begins also allows the candidate to review them and feel more confident about how to reach the interview location.

Let candidates know about places to avoid

When a person is coming to a new city, it can be difficult to know the rough areas versus the nice areas, especially when looking online for accommodations and restaurants. Make sure you’re up-front about what costs your company will cover for the job interview, as businesses have different approaches to reimbursement. If your office doesn’t arrange or pay for accommodations, at least offer tips and suggestions about where to stay – and where not to stay.

Suggest travel insurance

Travel insurance isn’t just for vacationers. All trips have some risk; for example, when traveling for an interview, it’s impossible to predict flight delays or weather-related cancellations. Travel insurance can help to mitigate the risk by absorbing costs should something go wrong. Those who are traveling for job interviews have plenty already to worry about with preparing for the interview. Not having to worry about the logistics of the trip itself will help take a load off of their shoulders.

Suggest materials to bring

While candidates should know to bring extras of their essential materials, such as a resume, list of references and business cards, it can’t hurt to remind them. Many people, especially inexperienced travelers, can get so caught up in the stress of the trip that basic steps like these may not occur to them. Offering a friendly reminder will help ensure that the candidate arrives prepared for the interview.

With companies actively headhunting and courting candidates from out of state or even outside the country, the interview process often involves people flying in from other areas. By offering assistance and planning tips to the job candidates, those being interviewed will feel more confident and relaxed, and HR reps will have a chance to get to know the candidate better and select the best fit for the position. Taking care of the candidates will result in a better, more relaxed interview for everyone.

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