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resume quotes

Have you ever turned to career advice books or articles before applying for a new job? How did that work for you?

Certainly, in the extensive swath of career advice literature out there, you can find countless tips on how to tailor the perfect resume, make a good first impression, or win an interview. Great! Now you feel ready to become the perfect employee and make your future boss beg you to work for him….

Unfortunately, that’s exactly how the applicants below felt. They surely have some advice. They likely spent plenty of time thinking up perfect examples of experience and talents necessary to land the desired job. And then they described those attributes in style. One has to be creative, right? How else will the HR specialist remember your resume among hundreds of others?

Well, this is what came out of their extra effort: Almagreta Resume Templates created an infographic featuring ten funny and stupid resume quotes that you’d better not include in your application if you want to get a job.


Funny Resume Quotes


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