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Every recruiter has had memorable interviewing experiences. But every now and then you get some so strange that they can only be classified as once-in-a-lifetime. Sure candidates should try to differentiate themselves from the competition, but some stand out for all the wrong reasons.

You tell yourself you didn’t see it coming–they seemed so qualified! If there’s one thing we believe in at RIVS, it’s that you can’t get to know someone from bullet-points on resume.

I’ve asked my co-workers to share some of their interviewing stories. We raise our coffee mug to you, awesomely bad job seekers.

1.  A guy I interviewed wore a t-shirt with a Nirvana logo that I could see through his white dress shirt….this was in 2008.

2. A guy went through the entire panel interview had the job lined up. While leaving, he stopped and walked back into the room where there were still people. He took off his shirt to show he had the company’s logo tattooed on his shoulder. He didn’t get the job.

3. One person, when asked if he had any questions about the role, immediately asked if he’d be making six figures.

4. I had a candidate who sweated profusely throughout the interview… and he was wearing a gray suit.

5. One candidate sat with his hands tightly in his lap for the duration of the interview. When he left, we noticed a large wet spot on the seat cushion. I didn’t sniff the seat to verify what the stain was.

6. A job-seeker with no prior sales experience told me that he was going to sell more than anyone had in the history of the company within his first six months. The company is over thirty years old.

7. Once I had a guy show up an hour early. He lied down on our couch and took a nap. The receptionist walked into my office wide-eyed saying, “your…next…visitor…just…um…laid down on our couch and is napping…what should I do?” I told her to wake him up when it was his turn. It was a very short interview and no, he did not get the job.

8. I interviewed a candidate that initially I thought was super nervous but later found out he was just weird. Our interview process was two parts: a Q&A with me and mock sales calls. He performed so bad on his mock calls that on his last attempt he said he didn’t want to do sales anymore!

9. When I was a recruiter, I sent one of my candidates on an interview. While waiting at the company’s location, he took a birdbath in the bathroom sink. Wearing no shirt, he washed his hair and sprayed water on his body. The only reason we found out is because the manager went to the bathroom minutes after my candidate and witnessed the whole thing. Can’t make this stuff up.

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