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Now-a-days, it may not be the easiest feat to jumpstart your career without harnessing the power of social media. Because so much networking happens within virtual space, leveraging social media to your advantage while job seeking could be the smartest career move you make. What are some ways that you could make the most of social media to help you find employment ? Here are 3 tips . . .

LinkedIn. While you may already have a LinkedIn profile, you could be missing out on some great ideas for using LinkedIn to further network and expand your reach. Besides filling out your profile completely and making sure you have a professional-looking headshot, here are some additional pointers that might be useful:

Company Search. Search for companies that you would like to be employed with and see what turns up. You can follow specific companies and even connect with employees. If the company posts a job listing, ask your mutual contact to introduce you.

Email. If you want to get the word out that you are job seeking, use the LinkedIn email service. Send out a private message to other contacts in your industry and explain that you are looking for career openings.

Blog Link.  Blog Link could be helpful if you have a blog up and running and post weekly. You have the option to connect LinkedIn with your blog platform so that when you publish a new blog post, it immediately shows up on LinkedIn as an update. It may also be a good idea to update your LinkedIn status a few times a week with industry related information.

Blogging. Blogging could be a great way for you to get your name out there in the field that you hope to be employed in. You may be able to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and convey your insights and creativity through a blogging platform. You could link your blog to your website and include links to all of your other social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and Facebook. If you are an elearner who is earning your college English degree online, starting a blog could be useful for showing off your impeccable grammar and communication skills to potential employers.

Think big. One way to set yourself apart from other job applicants is by thinking outside the box. If you have a unique business idea and you have an idea of the field you would like to be employed in, put yourself—and your idea— out there. For example, if you are a fashionista who is currently working in social media and wants to make a career transition into the fashion industry, create an online presence via a tool like Tumblr or Pinterest to showcase your fall fashion trends. If experts in the industry view your profiles, they may see someone who knows her stuff and is creative about expressing her vision.

Social media is a tool that most of you have access to as long as you have an Internet connection and a smart phone, tablet, or computer. By using different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google +, you could project professional images of yourselves in cyberspace while simultaneously networking. As you become a thought leader in your field, you may place yourself in a better position to be hired in your desired industry.

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