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A successful video interview takes much more than a knowledgeable recruiter and excited candidate.  For the entire process to run smoothly on both sides, the technological capabilities must be taken into consideration.

If your organization is considering utilizing a video interview software, there are a few technical requirements to consider.

Video Interview Technical Requirements:


While you’ll find that most candidates own a webcam, there’s always the chance that one of your candidates won’t have one readily available. If candidates do not have a computer with video capabilities, candidates are able to complete their video interview from any smartphone or tablet. In the rare case that a candidate does not have video capability from their computer, phone, or tablet, RIVS offers a voice fall back option where the candidate can simply call in and record their answers over the phone, without a video component.

To note how how rare it is, we found that less than 5% of candidates do not own a webcam.


In order for recruiters to send, and candidates to complete, a RIVS video interview, they must be connected to the internet. A web-based video interview software helps candidates and recruiters avoid the hassle of downloading software and only need the internet to complete a video interview. The other benefit is that recruiters and candidates can access their video interview from any computer with video capabilities, smartphone or tablet that is connected to the internet.

Data Hosting & Storage?

If you’re organization is using video interview software for a high volume of open positions, hosting & storage would be a daunting expense for your organization.  RIVS provides all hosting and storage, which makes it easy on your organization to access and conduct interviews wherever you have internet access.

Corporate Firewalls

When utilizing video interview software, firewalls will rarely become an issue when it comes to viewing candidate interviews.  If a firewall is encountered, our IT team is ready to work quickly with yours to ensure that our product will not be limited by your firewalls.

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