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When I had my brief stint in the restaurant business post college, I saw first hand how turnover is a major pain point. Similar to myself, the other waiters and waitresses were only working there for the time being- either to make extra cash on the weekends, an in-between job during a career shift, financial aid for young entrepreneurs etc. At a trendy, high-end pizza restaurant with a trendy, financially stable younger customer, who the restaurant staffed personality-wise was very important to them and imposed an even bigger problem as waiters and other restaurant staff left to pursue their dreams.

The fact of the matter is that the restaurant industry continues to experience one of the highest employee turnover rates in the U.S. labor force, at 62.6% vs. the 42.2% turnover overall in the private sector. Restaurant managers are still struggling to recruit suitable employees, and staff turnover remains high. A new approach to recruiting could help restaurant managers in selecting the right employees without spending too much time on the recruitment process.

How Video Interviews Aid High Turnover in Restaurants

There’s a growing trend for video interviewing among the restaurant managers for restaurants. Managers of catering establishments ranging from Smoothie…

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