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Schools and universities put a lot of effort into finding the right person to make sure that their students get the best educational experience. But putting in effort doesn’t need to mean time.

Quite frankly, districts don’t have the time for a prolonged hiring process considering hiring in public schools is expected to increase between now and 2020 by 12% and that there are more teachers now than there are school positions. District recruiters will be facing possibly a hundred applications and they need to sort these out to find the right fit. Video interviews are a solution for district recruiters experiencing a high volume of applicants.

Video Interviews for Faculty in Education

A high volume of applicants typically includes a wide range of qualified and unqualified applicants. Each department wants a faculty member with a specific set of knowledge and skills. To determine if they are the right persons for the job, they have to meet the candidates in person and observe them carefully. This process is time consuming and costly. For this process, a one-way or pre-recorded video interview can be utilized. This is a setup where a set of questions are available, either through text or recording, and applicants are to film their responses. Decision makers can then review these videos at their convenience. If the candidate isn’t what they are looking for, they can simply move on to the next applicant without a fuss.

When the candidates have been screened, two-way or live video interviews can be scheduled. In this setup, the recruiter is actively questioning the candidate in real-time. Video conferences can also be easily scheduled between the candidate and members of the faculty if they wish to get to know each other a little better. Simulation of lectures through video can even be performed to assess teaching skills and techniques. Even if recruiters decide to proceed with campus interviews, the candidate pool can be significantly narrowed down to the best choices in a shorter amount of time.

Video interviews will save a lot of money and time for the school especially since they have to continually search for the right individuals. To learn more about how video interviews can be implemented in your hiring process, schedule a one-on-one meeting with us!

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