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Video interviews are more humanizing than a phone screen, resume screen, or written question screen — by a mile!  There is something natural and comfortable about being able to see and interact with the person you are considering for your open position, especially when it comes to customer-facing roles where you’d like to experience what it would be like to have the candidate talking one-on-one with a customer or prospect.  Digital interviews make it possible, in several key ways.

Video Interviews with Multiple Participants

A typical RIVS account is set up for video interviews to allow up to five participants. So, if you want to have a candidate, a couple interviewers, and an observer or two, you’ve got plenty of headroom to do that. There is something marvelous about video interviews where the interviewers are not necessarily co-located, and the candidate is remote as well, but all participants are productively and actively getting a full-fidelity interaction via live video streams.

You can bet that your candidates will appreciate it too — an employer that is willing to hop on live video interviews is going to stand out, relative to employers that treat candidates as just a single-spaced sheet of 8.5 x 11 resume paper.

Recorded One-Way Video Interview Questions

Even before a live video interview, you can already begin to set the stage for a full-fidelity interaction with the candidate. When setting up one-way video interview questions, a best practice is to record your question via video (no download required, we guide you through the process on-screen in your browser). After all, if you are going to ask the candidate to video record their response, isn’t it fitting that you video record the question?

We think employer-recorded video interview questions dramatically improve the candidate experience.

Candidate Avatars

Want to have us automatically show an avatar of the candidate (if he/she has one publicly listed)? Ask your RIVS account manager to turn on this feature. When you are in a live video interview with the candidate, you’ll see the avatars of all participants in the right-hand sidebar:

If you haven’t asked RIVS to turn on this feature in your account, you’ll still see the sidebar, but the avatars of candidates most likely will be blank.

What Else?

What else can we do to humanize your company’s video interviews? Quite a bit. Drop us a line for a one-on-one session to chat about best-practices for welcome videos, goodbye videos, branding, and other subtle but helpful elements of a personalized video interview experience.

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