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It’s known that video interviews save recruitment teams time and money, but they can also help candidates who might have given the position a pass get excited about working for you. Regardless of whether or not the candidate is actively seeking a new job, interviews are nerve racking and nerves can throw off the quality of the candidate’s interview. Before sending candidates through video interviews help put candidates at ease by filling them in on what video interviews are all about so that they can put their best foot forward.

Video Interviews: Make Interviews Fun, Not Frightening Take Off the Mask

Video interviewing can be terrifying if candidates don’t know how it works or how you’re going to use it. Scared candidates may come across as wooden, talk too fast, or forget to provide important information. Leave the frightening specters to scary movies by telling your candidates exactly what video interviews entail. Make sure you include details like these:

Tell candidates upfront if there are going to be video interviews. Let them know from the beginning that they’re expected to complete a video interview and what you want to see in the video. Explain how video interviewing factors into the recruitment process. Don’t…

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