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As a quarter of the nation’s population and tomorrow’s leaders, organizations around the world are focused on hiring millennials and have been for quite some time. Hiring millennials, individuals born between 1882 and 2000, has posed challenges for many recruiters who aren’t used to communicating with such a digitally tied group. As the largest generation in today’s workforce, millennials are challenging the way recruiters recruit in order to attract and retain top millennial talent. The following are two ways in which video interviews are helping recruiters hire millennials.

Why Video Interviews are Key to Hiring Millennials:

Screening Efficiently:

As we’ve discussed here before, millennial talent in particular faces some fairly unflattering stereotypes. Namely, the belief that millennials have a serious lack of professional communication skills when they walk through the door for an interview. As with any sweeping generalization, there are exceptions to this rule. Countless millennials are perfectly capable of articulating themselves persuasively and with a sense of professionalism during traditional interviews, and subsequently receive job offers because of it. Hiring millennials through video interviews help recruiters weed out the candidates who lack the proper communication skills required for the job and identify top candidates to push through the hiring process faster.

Staying Competitive in a Candidate-Driven Market Place

As unemployment continues to drop, candidates have more options in choosing among various open positions and are more willing to leave their job knowing that the grass is greener somewhere else. Hiring millennials has become more competitive and recruiters are amping up their game in order to sell their company and open positions to top candidates. This means, recruiters need to comply to millennial standards in order to attract top millennials.

According to a consumer report by Nielsen, a staggering 83% of millennials sleep with their smartphones at night. The report also mentions that, when asked what they felt made their generation unique, the top answer millennials gave was their use of technology. With technology being so deeply ingrained into the identity of Generation Y, it should come as no surprise that millennials communicate with one another through digital means more regularly and expect to be communicated with digitally by people outside of their generational group. Personal interactions are far from gone, but the initial face-to-face meeting is being replaced with exchanges on social media, video chats, and the like more and more.

hiring millennials through video interviews

Successful recruitment teams are hiring millennials through video interviews because they allow recruiters and candidates to communicate to millennials’ communication standards. Video interviews attract millennials through the ease of completing an interview from any geographical location and through a digital platform that they are comfortable with. Not only is hiring millennials through video interviews advantageous to the millennial, but the recruiter as well who is attracting top candidates, increasing hiring efficiency and opening up their candidate pool outside of their local market.


Hiring millennials through video interviews helps recruiters screen candidates efficiently as well as remain competitive in the market place by interviewing in a way that candidates prefer. Digital interviews are changing the way candidates approach interviewing and setting a higher standard for organizations. If you’re looking to hire top millennials and haven’t looked into video interviews, click here to set up a time to learn more about the advantages of video interviews in hiring millennials.

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