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It may be easy to get confused when discussing the many terms used to describe video interviews. To help with the confusion of this rapidly growing and successful tool for recruiters, we wanted to provide a quick video interview encyclopedia.

Video Interviews: Words to Know & What They Mean

Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

Pre-recorded video interviews are interviews where the candidate records him or herself answering predetermined interview questions and sends it to the recruiter to review. The following are terms associated with pre-recorded interviews:

One-Way Video Interview: A one-way video interview is the most common term recruiters use for pre-recorded video interviews. One of the major advantages to one-way interviews is that recruiters can view candidate video responses whenever they like, as well as share the candidate’s interview with key hiring decision makers to create a collaborative hiring process.

Video Screening: Video screening is the use of a one-way video interview to screen candidates. Recruiters use the same one-way interview template to screen all of the candidates applying for the same role to ensure that candidates are being screened fairly. Video screening helps recruiters save time by only watching what they need to watch of the candidate interview to know which candidates should advance to the next round of interviews.

Asynchronous Video Interview: An asynchronous video interview is also the same as a pre-recorded video Interview, video screen, and one-way video interview. The candidate records their answers on video and the company may view their responses at any time that is convenient for them.

Live Video Interviews

Live video interviews is when recruiters and candidates connect in real time over the internet in video format. The following are terms associated with pre-recorded interviews:

Two-Way Video Interview: A two-way video interview is a live video interview between the candidate and employer. Utilizing a video interviewing vendor or Skype, both sides meet virtually to conduct the interview virtually.

Synchronous Video Interview: A synchronous video interview would follow the same definition as a two-way video interview. A synchronous video interview is a live interview normally conducted through a video interviewing platform or Skype.

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