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Typical 9-5 not your style because you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you have a taste for luxury that your wallet can’t afford?  Then you might want to attempt to snag an interview with VeryFirstTo.com.

If you can “distinguish between the roar of a Bentley and a Lexus engine, and the touch of cashmere and vicuña,” then this might be for you. Go to VeryFirstTo.com and check out the lavish life of luxury you’ll be sampling for a living. Better hurry and prepare for an all out battle because over 1000 people have already applied.

What do you think about their unique approach to securing the right person to represent their brand?  Would you apply to this job opening to try and land an interview or do you prefer something more traditional.  When companies approach the job interview process in new ways does it intrigue you or turn you off?  Share your thoughts!

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