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Want to target a younger talent pool?  LinkedIn is about to help out with that when they are set to drop their age limit to 14 on September 12th, 2013.  This push to target the teen audience is a part of their new University Pages features which is aimed at providing resources to high schoolers when focusing on the ever competitive college landscape.

LinkedIn will have 200 schools included in its initial launch but expects to have thousands as it continues to roll out the new feature section.  Among its many attributes, University Pages will allow teens to see how many alumni are on the social network, top employers of alumni, as well as breakdowns of the fields alumni work in.

This type of data can be useful for teens trying to select the right schools and to start networking earlier to build their careers.  It’s a great step for LinkedIn to draw in a younger audience and get them adopting LinkedIn as their professional network earlier.

But, aside from the benefits to teens and LinkedIn’s own growth, there’s also a lot of upside for savvy employers and recruiters.  The metrics on university alumni and teens joining these university communities can aid employers in starting to build talent communities for the long term and to assess where they may want to focus time and resources to attract talent for future openings.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn’s new University Pages?  Share in the comments below!

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